Lieberman: Hamas forcing us into 'wide scale and painful operation'
Yoav Zitun and Matan Tzuri
Published: 20.07.18, 12:15
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1. More force will not work
Erwin Rosen ,   Ramat Gan   (07.20.18)
I do not dispute that Hamas is our enemy, and that they know that in the world public opinion they are going to win, Goliath (Israel) versus David (Gaza). Further, given the absolute miserable situation of the people living in Gaza, it is not only my view, but the view of many that more force will not work. The only way to try (and without certainly if success) is to somehow improve the lives of the population. There has been a number of suggestion in the Israeli press, so I ask: is it not time to take a different approach?
2. Put a camera on a roomba, put it in a desert = Mars Rover.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   NYNY   (07.20.18)
Fires burning in the driest of easily combustible fields, in the most arid desert, under the most intense heat of summer, as there are in Israel every year, as in California every year, then make up some crazy story of balloons and kites, call it terrorism which justifying bombing Arabs to show them who is boss, that is priceless.
3. Lieberman apologizing for casualties before they happen
Lieberman is trying to show how hard he avoided war. Look, these wars are going to happen every few years because the Palestinians don't want the Jewish state. They will wave their casualties in front of the TV for support and hoping to draw other Arabs and Muslims into the fight. Eventually, there will be a truce, some rebuilding of Gaza and in a few years another war.
4. Effective Response
Bruce   (07.20.18)
Bomb 1,000 empty luxury cars. Break 5,000 windows. If that doesn't stop them, bomb every car, break every window and set fire to their fields and orchards.
5. Lieberman is a disappointment
C   (07.20.18)
he and netanyahu vacillate in the face of enemy actions and do so openly.
hamas must be destroyed. the longer israel waits, the stronger hamas gets.
hamas is paralysing israel with incendiary bombs, making a mockery
of the jewish state.
6. avigdor-don't yap so much
jake   (07.20.18)
don't copy the diplomat bibi whose signature is empty slogans when it comes to security.

give the warning and if no result, launch fast like Putin. do not be like bibi.

Bennett is correct-use your sense. if you wipe out kite launchers right at the start, there would be less damage, far less damage. and if that would not stop it, you wipe out leadership one by one.

you think eu cares about torching of Israeli lands and wildlife. they could give a s**t. keep the press out. you gave the warning. if no results, launch like putin arabs understand his methods and they are scared stiff of him.
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