Israeli east Jerusalem plan gets cool Arab reception
Associated Press
Published: 20.07.18, 20:44
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1. All Israeli govt’s deliberately built up Arab population
JerusalemLost ,   Jerusalem   (07.20.18)
They’ve never been serious of controlling
Jerusalem frightened of world opinion
And now the Jews of Israel are paying
The tragic and historic price of weak bad “leaders”
This was the master plan made long ago
God help the Jews of Jerusalem and Israel
They have been betrayed by all their
Great “heroes” there will never be
“Coexistence “ with the fanatic Moslem Arab
Never happens Israel is fast heading
To be a copy of another minority the
Christians Of Lebanon and that will
Mean the end of the Jewish dream
Of a proud and safe Homeland Israel’s
Leaders all of them together with the
Assimilated Israeli Left and their
Mouthpiece the Media God help
The Jews of Israel
2. Israel can invest billions of Billions $$$$-Main thing Arabs
Alan ,   SA   (07.21.18)
want if the termination of the State of Israel.
3. The Improvement Program.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (07.21.18)
though may be held as a 'extremely good program' to increase the welfare of the palestinians but is viewed with deep palestinian skepticism and suspicions. It would be strongly encouraged that the Program should only commence gradually, as deep mistrust that has been nurtured for generations by palestinian forefathers will take years to diminish. Distrust can mature to hostilities as evidenced by Israeli confrontations of the Gaza people eg. riots, military operations in gaza. The program should only be gradually implemented for the best interest of both Gazans and Israel as it would provide the level of acceptance of pals on the 'humanitarian aid' of Israel.
4. every good deed gets its punishment
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (10.26.18)
It is patently wrong to help the Arab sector, they must solve their own problems.
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