Soldier killed by Gaza sniper fire, IDF retaliates
Yoav Zitun, Matan Tzuri, Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.07.18, 22:35
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1. Now that is the way to go about lawn mowing along Gaza Strip
Alan ,   SA   (07.20.18)
2. Russian Air tactics work the best.Everything from sky
Alan ,   SA   (07.20.18)
No boots on the ground if possibleStudy Russian tactics in Syria.Dont play footsie footsie..Remember to tap on the roof and level high rise buildings . The Gaza oligarchs own these buildings as investments. They dont like their investments turned into rubble . REMEMBER a tap on the roof and then demolish
3. The 2 most powerful words of 2018 will be,,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore, Md   (07.20.18)
"Fake Jews".
4. How the hell do you arrive at the term “Palestinians”?! They
are just Arabs. Enemy of our state.
When will our politicians & media stop using that phony terminology?!!
5. Hamas Game Plan
Ed ,   USA   (07.20.18)
The game plan is clear. If Hamas can force an Israeli incursion into Gaza, they can request and probably receive an Iranian attack through Syria.
6. keep bibi away from any decisions
jason   (07.20.18)
Lieberman, now is your chance. idf should not be hinting of no ground force operation. Hamas leadership should be eliminated one by one. don\t talk about how many buildings or depots you hit. take out the leadership directly. and if a ground operation happens, do not telegraph it. hanegbi, bibi and idf spokesman should shut up about any offensive actions. let he actions speak for themselves..

bibi and hanegbi are pacifists so keep them out of the loop

you bloody well know how to fight or what. is this defenseless Jews all over again????!!!!
7. bibi's endless meetings-euphemism for cowardice
beryl   (07.20.18)
bibi cannot stand blood, is incapable of attacking. it is not in his dna. he is an excellent trade minister. he has zero capacity, freaks out in war. in fact Hamas was stronger than he was in previous Gaza wars. only Bennett saved the say by forcing gantz and yaalon off their rear ends to take out tunnels.

avigdor should disregard any advice from bibi which is worthless. don\t talk too much. if any more kites or rockets comes at israel-bloody well launch. forbid idf from saying one word about ground forces. shut up about it.

idf jail system has only empowered released hamasniks. there is something wrong with the jail system.hamas comes out of there double energized.
8. WHAT ?
DSM ,   USA   (07.21.18)
Fifteen target hit and only four Hamas militants killed. This is no way to win a battle. Who is deciding what target to hit..Hamas leaders ?
9. Hamas a terror group like Isis same roots allowed to exist??
10. Drowning
Mark ,   London   (07.21.18)
Gaza is drowning in a sea of human sewage. Poetic justice, I suppose, for the Hamas "government". I don't really see the need for military activity as the strip is already on self destruct.
11. How many targets are in Gaza???
Moti Zak ,   Austin   (07.21.18)
The targets are nonsense as they do not stop anything. Time to give UN and the world ultimatum. Hamas stops the terror or Israel bomb 1000 buildings, mainly high rise and luxury.
12. Go for the leaders
Fred ,   Sweden   (07.21.18)
How about taking out the top echelons instead of killing the low life thugs?
Next time, regardless of the situation, there is a gathering with Hamas leaders will be physically present, send a drone or ssm to promote them to martyrs.
13. Does anyone think Syrian Rebels wud hav been defeated if
Alan ,   SA   (07.21.18)
Russians played footsie footsie with them?Problem is that Israel is not doing right tactics. Bibi goes to Putin every Monday and Thursday but he shud go to Russian Air Force Commander just onetime to ask how to do it. I noticed 2014 Gaza War ended once Israel bombed high rise buildings. Same was in in Beirut in last war there with Hesballah. . Bombing a public toilet or empty field is a waste of ammunition (also Paintballs like on Mavi Mara.)People in Gaza dont need to die in these buildins. Just tap on roof and half hour later flatten it like a pancake. Also target assasination of guys like Mr Sinwar and his chaverim. tovim..These guys come back every week now for 17 weeks . It has become a social occasion to meet friends. for the unemployed teenagers.. Problem also is EU and Mogerinistas. Israel is scared of them. .Get it in your heads that EU wants Israel euthenased by 2030s..All the humanitarian aid that Israel wastes money on gets same result in UN .....Pals 180-Jews 5 with Micronesia and Polypoopu and Mrs Halley.
14. I don't believe that sniper was Hamas or Jihad - I think
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.21.18)
that sniper was Iran Revolutionary Guard professional sniper.
Gaza (as far as I can remember - 50 yrs in Israel) never had snipers before.
IDF needs to get their thinking caps on -
15. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (07.21.18)
if Hamas sponsored protests are civil then why are snipers shooting at and killing an Israel soldier?
time for military response action by Israel.
another truce today and tomorrow another violent demonstration. time to make the aggressor pay a high price for such actions.
16. Ms.
M. D. Block ,   La Jolla   (07.23.18)

Europeans killed Jews and were responsible for the Holocaust, not the Palestinians! European Jewish refugees went to Palestine, took homes and land that belong to the Palestinians making the Palestinians refugees. So Jews are to the Palestinians what Hitler was to them? Are Jews any less evil? Jews owned 7% of Palestine at this time. The oppressed are now the oppressors! Netanyahu is Israel’s Hitler!

Recently a Biblical scholar asserted that the Bible was a barbaric literature for a barbaric time. Israelis are barbarians and the Palestinians have suffered the consequence of Israel’s barbarism. The only group to whom 'Victimhood' serves as a coveted status that confers privileges,' the pathetic, whining, begging, thieving, murdering Jews.

Americans are acutely aware that the Israelis who worship the God of Greed are the ones that don’t want peace with the Palestinians. Jews want all of their homes and land that they have already not stolen and, of course, they want the blessing of America to help secure their greed. Of course, those members of congress who enable Israel’s abuse of Palestinians are Irish/Italian Catholics and Cubans who were unfortunately allowed to immigrate to America, as were Jews, and have not served America well as they have betrayed America on so many levels for Israel.

Hitler offered six million Jews to any country that. would accept them, none obliged. Lesson not learned!
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