Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Hamas's military wing wants war
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 20.07.18, 23:41
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1. Neither have to worry
DSM ,   USA   (07.21.18)
Never the Arab political or military wing has to worry. As soon as Israel gets the upper hand Bibi will call a halt to the operation and start to negotiate with the losing Arabs.
2. Why is Hamas a terror group like Isis allowed to exist??????
3. Hamas expects help from Iran and Hezbollah
NARO   (07.21.18)
Expect a concerted effort with Iran and Hezbollah firing rockets from the north and Hamas from the South.
4. the price ye pay for forever doing a dance around Gaza
Cameron   (07.21.18)
You've made a habit of pulling up to the Gaza gate & then slipping it into reverse just too many times over the years.

5. What if Israel wipes out Hamas will the Gazans vote in
DOV ,   USA   (07.21.18)
another terrorist party.
6. I get what THEY want, but I'm clueless as to what WE want!!?
7. They think it’s better to die fighting tyranny than starvati
Ken   (07.21.18)
8. The way to stop the terrorist organizations in Gaza is .....
DSM ,   USA   (07.21.18)
to bomb high profile civilian targets in addition to military targets. Bombing empty building and killing four terrorist is not going to get the job done. And the winning should not be stopped as soon as the anti Israel faction at the UN says to do so. Israel's leaders must get a spine and decide to clean out the nest of vipers.
9. Targeted killings
Volvi   (07.21.18)
Resume target killing of their upper echelon. When leaders have to pay a personal price they act to prevent it just to be able to survive. If they continue continue with those that take their place, they will eventually get the message.
10. The negative forces of the M.E, blocked one step before
DANNS ,   MONTEVIDEO   (07.21.18)
The agreement coordinated by UN and Egypt and other Arab country still unknown (probably Jordan or Saudi Arabia) over the Gaza Strip Hostilities needs to be expanded as most as possible this time .Like the Resolution 1701 of UN Security Council between Lebanon and State of Israel of August 2006 till now JUly 2018 .The conditions in Gaza Strip are a mess probably .The military wing of Hamas and Tzahal need to understand that a 4TH OPEN WAR GOES NOWHERE and will not SOLVE NOTHING OR EVEN BE WORSE after THAN BEFORE like Ron BEN ISHAI wrote in his latest article of Opinion in YNET NEWS IN ENGLISH ./ / THE SUICIDAL military wing of HAMAS needs to understand the way to solve the Palestinian issue is not in the way they are now ITS SUICIDAL .TZAHAL has quite a WAR MACHINE THAT is BIGGER HUNDRED TIIMES AT LEAST from the suicidal hamas military wing .This is not the way The way is to negotiate with EGYPT JORDAN SAUDI ARAB AND UN between the Gaza Strip dictators rulers and Tel Aviv government an extended agreement for improving the Gaza Strip mess conditions Gaza Strip was given by EX PM Ariel Sharon WITH the opposition of the blocked black negative forces of M.E from outside Israel (and from inside also unfortunately) with the target of an independent Palestinian strip state that its evolution will narrow the historical gap between Hebrews and arabs in ISRAEL territory The Modern Israeli Democracy needs to reach an agreement STARTING NOW AND NOT TOMORROW in the Gaza Issue first and second may be someday with the Palestinian or Arab issue from Israel .In the road of the Treaty of Peace BEGIN-SADAT +J CARTER EGYPT -ISRAEL from MARCH 1979 .
11. Terrorists
Lidia ,   Rishon Lezion   (07.23.18)
The Gazan residents are also terrorists that have been trained to kill and destroy. There aren't any innocent civilians forced to accept their leaders, both teenagers and adults together are convinced that their struggle against Israel is worthwhile. The Gazan residents should be evacuated from the area and sent to join other Arab residents in Arab countries.That's it.
12. Sulimani and Salami want war on 2 fronts for Israel.
Alan ,   SA   (07.23.18)
Remember no boots on ground in Gaza -just bomb from air like Russians in Syria-especially high rise buildings... Tap on roof then return to collapse the building.The Gaza LANDLORDS will put pressure on Hamas to stop the arson nonsense after only one building is dropped
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