Senior Israeli official: 'Hamas committed to halt fire terrorism'
Yoav Zitun, Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.07.18, 14:03
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1. Last warning nuimber 189 from the IDF...
ab   (07.21.18)
2. Why were the following Hamas facilities allowed in 1st place
Alan ,   SA   (07.21.18)
IDF severely damaged ...........Hamas's arms depots, training facilities, observation posts, battalion situation rooms, battalion commander's offices and other infrastructures.
Why must an Israeli soldier be killed in 1st place before something is dlone about these Hamas facilities.

3. 1st casualty
vr2000 ,   nowhere   (07.21.18)
Hamas has their one body for propaganda.
Now they want a ceasefire.
Go on there and pound them hard.
4. fire terrorism-idf are a bunch of shmucks
orly ,   t   (07.21.18)
avigdor, instead of hitting 60 targets, you should have said all terror including fire terror has to stop or else. then you should have hit 300 targets. why do you think Hamas raced to a ceasefire. but you did not specify stopping fire terror. now you have a truce, because Hamas got a partial message but they say fire terror will continue.

you should have hit 300 targets, not 60 and continue until fire terror stops.

idf now comes out meekly saying there will be consequences if fire terror continues.the idf head is a bunch of schmucks-no 2 ways about it.
5. hamas respects brute force
jack   (07.21.18)
no bar ilan speeches, no livni negotiations, no economic aid in return, nothing but brute hellish force impresses Arabs to adhere to some non war footing. that is it. look around the area and see what is happening.

Jews by nature are not Putin style warriors as eisencott proved when he said reportedly he would not target kids operating incendiary kites even if 100 dunams burned up, animals were killed and a few israelis died putting out the fires.

they do have some in the tent who are or can be Russian warriors. bennett, feiglin, barkat and even lieberman. that is if avigdor totally disconnects from bibi who is weak and indecisive militarily.that is what it is going to take if you want a relative quiet armistice style arrangement. nothing else will work. no handshakes and smiles after conferences, no economic aid, no concessions, nothing will work.
6. We proved our point
Palestinian   (07.21.18)
We can snipe and kill your soldiers whenever we damb please, and you can’t do a damn thing to stop it :)

Four years after your “great success”, once we decide to kill your soldiers, it takes nothing more than a decision.
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