Israel's Foreign Ministry blasts CNN, BBC for 'manipulation'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.07.18, 09:29
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1. CNN & BBC
tiki ,   belgium   (07.22.18)
A journalists training school for successful teachings of brainwashing your audience with lies, bias & fake news!

These ones trustworthy media outlets have completely thrown their serious reputation out the window.

They are an example of how journalism should NOT be presented.
2. BBC and CNN - need to be shut down
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.22.18)
Donald Trump won't even accept any questions from CNN! That's how useless they are. And well, the BBC, we know all about the BBC (Best of British Comedy) most have been questioned about child abuse. Shut them down and be done with them.
3. We in America would welcome an Israeli attack on CNN...
Iron Butterfly ,   Duluth, MN   (07.22.18)
immediately. And we'll be right there with you!
4. mr
david david ,   bkln   (07.22.18)
cant we sue them 4 defamation
5. About time Mr Foreign Affairs. Too long u did nothing
Eden   (07.22.18)
6. Purveyor of fake news, CNN, is caught in a lie ...
leo ,   usa   (07.22.18)
... is it really a news in itself anymore.
7. New BBC cliche
Gene   (07.22.18)
Now, when BBC needs to say something positive about Israel it says: "Israel says..." as if it is not a fact but Israeli PR. For example in today's article about Israel's rescue of "white helmets" in Syria it starts: "Israel says it has carried out an evacuation.." as if - who knows did it or didn't; do you trust what Israel says or not?
8. Israel is caught in a media war and loosing
DOV ,   USA   (07.22.18)
When you listen carefully to news reports from almost every news source there is always a doubt in the reporter’s voice on anything Israel does positively whether on the battlefield or internally. CNN BBC PBS NPR HuffPost Washington Post New York Times etc. I have not seen one positive report on how Israel helped Syrians at the border escaping death by Assad Ayatollah and Putin the butchers. And if they are forced to report in a positive way it's always Israel said as opposed to Israel has done. It is anti semitism. It is a dangerous situation that is turning the great state of Israel to be viewed as something it's not an Isolationist oppressor nation. Please do something.
9. Fatboy Sherry trying for CNN editor in chief job
A   (07.22.18)
10. what happened to yaalon is now happening to lieberman
geroge   (07.22.18)
netanyahu excels at trade and tourism, greeting high officials of other countries very well indeed. outside of that in the security field, he is passive, sitting there like a sponge. his reported war experience has hamstrung him in my judgement, fearful to make a move.

so, when has the idf taken the initiative or preempted under him? Almost never. he only reacts in limited fashion and stops at the nearest ceasefire. he did this in protective edge before the tunnels were hit???! this is not a war leader-rather this is how, again, my opinion livni, lapid and gabbay would behave.

the problem is worse because bibi's fears, endless calculations, hesitations transferred to yaalon and now to Lieberman to make them into bibi 2 and bibi 3. Who asked Israel to agree to any ceasefire here? idf hit 60 targets-big bloody deal. the idf has turned out to be bibi 4. this is no good. the idf has to do what gen galant has said- it has to crush the enemy.

avigdor should virtually ignore bibi's input on war matters.

idf should have explicitly demanded total cessation of kite terror or else. it should have continued to degrade hamasniks to almost no resources. instead it stopped at 60 buildings as if eventually Hamas will change to a peace partner.

how many Gaza operations have we had? These are the fault of olmert and livni, and now bibi consecutively. bibi is not a war leader. the fact that he wore the uniform, yes shows service. but he is not a war leader by any stretch of the imagination. you don't believe me? fine- you check out his war record.

he out of element when it comes to war decisions. therefore isrel cannot expect to do well in military matters so long as he is calling the shots. avigdor-ignore bibi. if you cannot, then let Bennett take over defense.
Ezekiel Haim ,   London   (07.22.18)
Every generation forces will rise to incite against the Jews.This is the generation of CNN AND THE BBC.May they be banished to ignominion.
12. Jews Jewed by CNN? poetic
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN   (07.22.18)
13. why are they allowed t spread Nazi level libels against Jews
14. mr
david david ,   bkln   (07.23.18)
just exile them from the country shmeckels
15. hamas
darlik ,   birmingham uk   (08.11.18)
The Daily Mail uk published to day 11 -8 - 18 a most damaging report on the Fridays day of rage it showed isreal in a very bad light video of wounded pallys being ferried from the conflict very one sided reporting isreal as the big bad guys against these poor pallys and people belive what they read and see
16. isreal
darlik ,   birmingham uk   (08.11.18)
isreal 4 th largest air force in the world state of the art army much admired by other countrys yet the pallys are running circles round you with ballons full of petrol burning your crops a simple a method clever
17. Journalistic shorthand
Alan ,   Israel   (10.05.18)
"Shot dead" is the usual CNN or BBC description without even factually investigating.
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