Syrian report: Israel attacks in northwest Syria
Daniel Salami, Liad Osmo
Published: 22.07.18, 20:29
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1. Incorrect English
Michael ,   Speicher   (07.22.18)
Aircraft is a singular noun. It has no plural.
We would normally say, "A number of or several aircraft". Otherwise, we could say, "A number of planes or several planes".
2. Oh, you mean the ones with th chemical weapons.
Ken   (07.22.18)
3. Scientific Research Centre.What kind of scientific research
Alan ,   SA   (07.22.18)
Are they going to enter this year's Nobel Prize for Science-category Physics or category Chemistry???Sounds very promising research goes on there .
4. Israel will always defend herself against all enemies
C   (07.23.18)
all factions in syria are enemies of the jewish state: the assad regime,
hezbollah, iranian terrorists, the islamic state.
israel stands alone as assad, iranian and russian forces set up their
forces on israel's northern border.
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