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Report: Russian spy met with Stanley Fischer
Published: 23.07.18, 17:43
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1. Slow news season, or are we getting tired of Bibi &Trump?!
2. Russia has very good spies and spy culture
C   (07.23.18)
the americans are naive and leave the door open for russian spies.
ever since the bolshevik revolution, russia has used sleeper agents
in the us and elsewhere in the west.
russia has also set up multitude of ngo's and think tanks to penetrate
american civil society.
some organisations set up by russia/ussr attracted left leaning
progressive americans. world without nuclear weapons is one
such organisation. catherine ashton and obama both belonged
to this group.
russia/ussr succeeded in stealing american nuclear program, the
manhattan project. ussr succeeded in recruiting americans and brits
as spies. but they also sent sleeper agents who penetrated the
manhattan project through a very patient, very elaborate scheem,
starting with a russian posing as an american student. his name was
george koval.
3. She also met the Clintons
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.24.18)
At a pay-to-play banquet
4. Why is Ynet ignoring the Clinton/DNC/Russia/ proven connectn
Russia has been involved in US elections mostly helping the democrats for 100 years already. Obama was warned for 8 years straight and did nothing as they were likely supporting him at the time especially with his global appeasement to evil policy.
US have proven to try to hijack over 80 elections since the 1950s including Israels last election where they tried to bring down Bibi and force a left wing government into power.

What you should be reporting the fact that all evidence points to DNC/Hilary paying for a British spy to create a fake doc created using Russian sources/spies. They then passed this on to the FBI?DOJ who used this to spy on Trump and his campaign including phone tapping and even sending at least one spy into the administration undercover.

Shameful and a whole nother level above watergate.

The sitting president colluded with the DNC and foreign spies from Russia/UK to try to stop the election of a US President. They created a fake report which was used as a main reason to open the Russia Collusion investigation . The same people closed the Clinton Email case where there are clear proven criminal acts. We are speaking of the top echelons of gov the CIA Chief, FBI top officials DOJ top officials. The head of the DNC, democrats and the sitting president.

As Rosenstein like Comey mentioned there is NO EVIDENCE THAT ANY AMERICAN COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA TO HACK THE ELECTIONS. At least not in the Trump Admin.
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