Israel rejects Russian offer to keep Iranian forces 100 km from Golan
Reuters, AP
Published: 23.07.18, 20:25
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1. excellent decision
C   (07.23.18)
the shia terrorists have no business being anywhere near israel.
2. general fogel partially correct
jak   (07.23.18)
it is true that some Israeli leaders shied away from confrontation with Hezbollah and even hamas. it does not apply to all Israeli leaders. avigdor has n p problem but israel will pick the time and place. in the past Hezbollah dug in with thousands of rockets and Russian antitank and with the idf restricted in its missions did not lead to a clear cut finish.

netanyahu we know is gun shy.he is also not offensive minded. but Lieberman is not. so the carnage visited on Lebanon would be devastating if nasrollah starts something. of course Jews are not warriors for the hell of it .

but Israei will pick the time. if anything, the leadership of idf has been very reluctant over the last 12 yrs. they will need a boot up the ass to get them going. once the idf gets rolling, they are hard to stop. israel may annex lebanon after the next war so hassan should think twice.
3. One more reason to finish Iran off ASAP. At almost any price
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (07.24.18)
Syria has become a great way for Russia to get weapon orders from the mullahs. Israel destroys all once is while, and the mullahs place a new order and get commission checks on German banks. That is another reason EU wants to keep the mullahs in charge. They all go home happy and tell USA, that she is not an ally if she does not agree to this BS.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (07.24.18)
You keep your rats there, Vladi. HOw about that? Iranians and Syrians are suffering so Russia can eat. IT used to Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Now, it is M.E turn.

6. Mr
Mario ,   Porat   (07.24.18)
Mr. Bibi, Iran is here to stay....
We are not so strong to impose their retirement ....
7. Russian officials' body language always different w/Israel..
Iron Butterfly ,   Duluth, MN   (07.24.18)
Russia rubs the Euros' & even Trump's nose in the feces but with Israel, one senses Russia knows Israel can outfight both itself and Iran on Syrian soil. Kinda sucks, huh Vlad? Hey Barak, you can come out of hiding from under Michelle's dress now. The adults are back in charge & the bad guys are shit'n bricks. Redlines? Redlines anyone?
8. One more reason to acknowledge Bibi's genius: he foresaw the
decline of USA's influence& seriousness as a world player and correctly assessed Putin's ascent.
Just look at the situation now.
If Trump turns out to be a truly great President ( a SERIOUS one), then our position vs Muslim hordes will be covered from each and any angle.
9. Two terms of equation
Avi L.   (07.26.18)
Keep Iran out of Syria = keep Assad breathing.
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