Druze IDF officers protest against Nationality Law
Inbar Tvizer, Roi Rubinstein
Published: 25.07.18, 12:25
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1. Both Druze& law abiding Arab citizens know better! This law
so anyone can discriminate against anyone else, please stop playing dumb!
2. Stupid law
Raoul Schur ,   Herzliya   (07.25.18)
This stupid law must be rescinded. Period!
3. The Druze make a valid point.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.25.18)
Maybe the law should read, "All citizens have the right to self-determination." Something has to change, this isn't right.

4. Now that everybody has had his say
tiki ,   belgium   (07.25.18)
From the EU to every Jew/Israel hater in the world.

Now, get on with your life.

Minorities have lived in Christian countries and were drafted in the army.

Israel was/is & will be a Jewish country. Get used to it!

5. This law is unnecessary.
Joel ,   Hod Hasharon   (07.25.18)
As a person with right wing views I think that this new law is completely unnecessary and useless.
What is the point of downgrading the Arabic language.
During the British mandatory Palestine there were always three official languages.
Hebrew Arabic and English.
So why change this status quo suddenly now after one hundred years of three official languages.
Whoever thought about this stupid law didn't use their brains.
What we need to do is encourage the Arabic speaking minorities to feel more part of our beautiful nation. And not to cause more controversy.
The shameful thing is that there are not enough Jews that can speak and read the Arabic language in Israel. As an Arabic reader I can only say that the more you learn Arabic the more you can see how similar the two languagrs are.
6. Today we are all Druzish.
Zippy ,   NYNY   (07.25.18)
7. Stupid, Divisive Law
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.25.18)
The Druze are right to be insulted by the passage of this law. They have been brave and upstanding citizens of Israel and deserve every recognition and right bestowed upon Jews in this country, as do the law abiding Israeli Arabs, Romani, Circassian, Bedouin, Samarians, Greeks and mixed ethnicity peoples who are not halachachly Jewish. This law gives ample ammunition to anti-Israel voices and undermines faith in this country and its institutions, which ultimately weaken, not strengthen, it. If we had politicians with any intelligence they would know this. It doesn't take a PoliSci or Sociology major to know that alienating large swaths of otherwise peaceful and law abiding citizens is a stupid idea, but it does take a brain, something those that voted in favour of this law are lacking.

I applaud the Druze and will stand with them in their protests, as well, I will not be donating any money to Israeli causes until this law is repealed or modified, nor will I vote for any party that supported it, and I strongly urge others to do the same. It is very important that we teach these elected morons a thing or two about civility and respect.
8. It's shocking to see Israeli goverment act in such cold way
DOV ,   USA   (07.25.18)
I have always promoted Israel to others promoting Its democratic values. When I lived there I used to visit friends in a neighboring Bedouin community. I never thought of them as second-class citizens. The Druze I served with always impressed me as some of the best fighters. Ethnic diversity and acceptance of other people’s religious beliefs was my impression of Israel when I lived there. How can I continue to defend Israel after passage of this discriminatory bill?
9. Druze siding with Israel’s Arab enemies
CanWeStillTrustDruze ,   Jerusalem   (07.25.18)
The Druze can’t play this game they should know a strong Jewish State is to their best defense against fanatic Moslem takeover of Israel
Druze did not always support Israel many fought and sides with the Arabs in Israel in 1948 Druze in Kebanom and Syria hate Israel
The first Intifada began in Beit Jann when Druze burned police cars and beat police with chains just who are these faithful Druze The Druze religion mandates they support the strongest evidently
We the Jews no longer fit their description
10. All negative comments from Post Zionists
FifthColumn ,   Jerusalem   (07.25.18)
From NY from Herzelia Haifa all Post
Zionist “nests”
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