UNRWA to fire 250 workers amid US cuts
Published: 25.07.18, 18:24
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1. No reason for Israel to support mortal "Palestinian" foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.25.18)
Yet again, Donald Trump has done the right thing. The UNRWA is a Jew and Israel hating pro-terrorist organization than should not be allowed to exist. Israel has a lot to learn from Trump. We insanely continue to support our mortal "Palestinian" foes, who maim, murder, demonize, boycott and harm us every chance they get. Let's appreciate Trump and stop the insanity of supporting "Palestinians"! No other state, in all of human history, has voluntarily supported its enemies.
2. A good Businessman
koose e mack ,   Great Satan   (07.25.18)
The POTUS knows a bad investment when he sees one!
3. trump should give UNRWA money to UNCHR
ZIONIST FOREVER   (07.25.18)
Trump should say he doesn't believe UNRWA should continue to operate and from now on 100% of American UNRWA contributions will be given to the UNCHR who are responsible for the rest of the worlds refugees and displaced persons and there will not be a single penny going to UNRWA.
Right now US contributions to UNRWA have been reduced only, cut all American funding it will not be able to continue operating at all and the world will be forced to consider the idea of dissolving UNRWA and making the Pals the responsibility of the UNCHR.

4. Laughable.Pals don't allow final solution for refugees.
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.25.18)
The only solution Palestinians allow for refugees is a migration to Israel that would put an end to the Jewish state. That is why in 70 years there has never been a solution and will never be a solution. Trump and the West should refuse to pay anymore. The Arabs have always been too cheap to pay anything so the Palestinians would be forced to find a solution.
5. Gunness should be the first cut - a complete failure
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.26.18)
At what point did Gunness try to resettle Arabs in other countries?
He is part of why this is a festering wound
Time for freeloading off the USA is over
Thank you president Trump
6. UNRWA is the problem
David ,   New york   (07.26.18)
70 years of trying to create and perpetuate a Palestinian "refugee" problem
70 years, really??
Why should America fund its enemies. Fund the breeding of terrorists?
Guess what Palestinians, maybe if you stopped putting all your resources into trying to kill us, you might have a little left over to actually do productive work, so you won't need to live on handouts!
7. good riddance. UNRWA is an aberration and must go.
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