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The new explosive drone threat from Gaza
Alex Fishman
Published: 29.07.18, 00:19
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1. No comment.
2. This is why Hamas existing is the primary issue
3. on day, Pals will possess nuclear weapons
Rob Steinberg ,   new York   (07.29.18)
4. can israel handle a multifront war
jay   (07.29.18)
can Israel handle a multi front war- the answer definitively is yes if it goes on the attack north and south with ground force invasion with full complement of navy, air force,artillery and rockets and cyber. however, it cannot prevail if netanyahu is leading the charge.

he flinches at the first sign of casualties, has no conception of how to attack, sweats and worries incessantly and runs to the first ceasefire. israel will lose against hamas and hezbollah unless he is replaced by Bennett. feiglin, even lieberman and barkat could lead Israel to victory. not netanyahu.

he lacks resolve, spine and ability to deliver the knockout. look at his performance in the gaza wars. he was like lapid and livni, just sitting there doing nothing. did he exhort the idf onto victory. no, he ran to a ceasefire before the tunnels were hit. he is a disgrace. soldiers have no confidence in him, none nor do i. he has no feel for counterattack, asymmetric strategy, and digging in for endless combat until victory.

you want to laugh-hanegbi, ex of kadima and an olmert brownnoser, fancies himself as heir apparent to bibi. what a bloody joke! the man is incompetent in security matters just like lapid.
5. Why does Israel still believe Hamas doesn't want war.
tiki ,   belgium   (07.29.18)
Extermination of their leadership & their croonies is the only way to end the allies did with the Nazi regime.

They didn't pamper them!
6. Lack of will
Avi L.   (07.30.18)
Lack of will is the cause for this deplorable situation.

All of their leaders have always been sensible in relation to their own lives or their own staying in power over Gaza.

Lacking any larger scale policy* like letting Abbas and his goons taking over Gaza with saudi cash after Israel reduced Hamas' military power, the only foreseeable act consists in taking off the top echelons of Hamas.

They don't care about their own people but they care about their own personal lives.

Donald is favorable for the moment, Putin doesn't care at all, EU will be bought by "falastine" PLO leader PR initiative (as ususal), saudis will buy whoever isn't already sold, Iran and its minion Hezballah seem to be busy elsewhere and Putin doesn't seem very partial to the use of Syria as a launching pad since Assad is the guaranty of their bases. Any mess up north will be a headache that Putin seems wanting to spare himself.

To reinforce this point is the fact that after a few IDF strikes Hamas was pleading a truce.

So much for their determination and for Bibi's will to end this threat

*beyond short sighted low political maneuvres like trying to bury problems under the carpet or alienating the Druses or buying some minority with the majority money etc
7. This will only make Israel stronger in the process
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.30.18)
it will also make a lot of money for the defense of other nations facing similar problems.
8. Pals are paid mercenaries for the war on Israel
BBB   (07.30.18)
and the pals lose for they are destined to lose.
The pals have no claim on Jewish Israel other than terror and the eons of senseless anti semitism.
If they had invested in themselves they would have enjoyed a better life and better future.
The comparison between Israel and the fictitious
( in name only as there is NO palestine. ) pals is extraordinary.
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