Palestinian provocateur Ahed Tamimi released from prison
News agencies and Ynet
Published: 29.07.18, 08:39
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1. a common terrorist being made a heroine
tiki ,   belgium   (07.29.18)
Poor abused by her parents, family a their media helpers.
2. She can go straight to Yehonatan Geffen, her spiritual twin!
3. Lol. Can't handle a 17 y/o, can't handle HAMAS.. Just, wow.
Ironbutterfly   (07.29.18)
4. fake news
Victor ,   Berlin   (07.29.18)
news about this item is worlwide fake.

it only proves the soft and gentle way of israel in managing criminal behaviour.

in the same time the turkish jandarma murdered stonecoled about 400 syrian refugees on their border with syria.

5. Ahed Tamimi, you remind me of Nelson Mandela‚Äôs struggle for
Ken   (07.29.18)
6. "a heroine to Palestinians "
A ,   OutThere   (07.29.18)
That she be worth a few more goats in her dowry when her daddy marries her off.
7. We in UK salute the brave lady for saying NO to Jewis Nazism
Ephraim Hendel ,   London   (07.29.18)
8. Not a provocateur,but a brave fighter ag Jewish Nazism
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.30.18)
9. Who says Arabs are a chauvinstic society
Aiman ,   Jersey   (07.30.18)
they are willing to follow a woman in quest for freedom
10. Ya binti Ahed, heroine of "palestine", bring honor
Bassen Tamimi ,   Nebi Saleh   (07.30.18)
to our family and wealth to your father. Inshalla slap another Israeli occupation soldier so that I may demand 3 more goats for your dowry when I wed you off and inshalla I will have even more goats than Mahmood the car thief inshalla!
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