Druze doctor threatens hunger strike over Nationality Law
Hassan Shaalan and Moran Azulay
Published: 29.07.18, 12:53
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1. This Law Should Be Caled The National Embarrassment Law
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.29.18)
It enables our most petty minded of politicians to empower anti-Semites the world over and to alienate our most trusted allies in the process. An anit-Israeli could not have drafted a worse law to destroy Israel and Zionism from within. We are all betrayed by those who drafted and voted for it.
2. You can eat or you can starve, makes no difference at all,
but it would be wise to get some basic education instead of falling for the Leftist demagoguery!
3. national self determination
C   (07.29.18)
national self determination cannot be granted to minorities within the
state of israel.
just imagine if all minorities in israel, the arabs, the druze, the bedouin,
the christians, etc..., were granted national self determination. the state
would cease to exist.
israel is the national home of the jewish people and she has been recognised
as such by the international community, with the exception of muslim
indeed, maronite christians in israel have declared that they support
the nationality law since it protects their own identity as maronite
the complaints of discrimination by the druze is a completely
separate issue, and such complaints need to be addressed.
on the other hand, the druze need to acknowledge that druze
who live in other countries such as syria, are loyal to those
the nationality law is based on the concept of peoplehood,
not simply on the concept of religion.
arab muslims, just as catholics, etc..., have many states despite
having one religion.
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