In first, incendiary balloon lands in Be'er Sheva
Ilana Curiel and Matan Tzuri
Published: 30.07.18, 23:16
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1. Who's buying this lie of the balloon originating in Gaza?!
2. Now "our" Arabs, from WITHIN our borders are doing this!
3. Suddenly these balloons can travel such long distances?!
4. Democratic government globally protect illegals/terrorists
5. All whie Gaza arsonists cross into Israel for free medical
ab   (07.31.18)
Israel deserves contempt only for this submissiveness and cowardice
6. this is the fauult of eisencott and bibi
manny   (07.31.18)
if idf under bibi and avigdor had targeted kites and baloons right from the start, incendiary balloons would not be hovering over Bersheba. eisencott and even galant said they didn't want to target kids, so Israel burns near and far. of course bibi would rather hide in a closet than throw a punch, so forget about him.

eisencott should step down as his first responsibility is to protect Israel, its land, animals and people. he has not done the job. let someone else do it.

as for avigdor, do not listen to bibi. he knows next to nothing about security.
7. What can be done?
Farid H. ,   Germany / Morocco   (07.31.18)
Burning kites, a truly ancient weapon, has always been difficult to neutralize. There is no affordable (!) technical counter-measure in sight... only retaliation. In old China, and in the European middle ages, the attacked party waited for the wind to turn and then replied in kind... raising the cost of the attacker to a point where he realized that playing with fire in the middle of summer wasn't such a good idea after all. Not nice, but that's the price to pay for using a weapon for which no shield exist.
8. An Effective Defense :
Peter ,   tel mond   (07.31.18)
Barrage Balloons! A type of air defense deployed by the British to prevent rocket, aircraft attacks in the 1st and 2nd world wars. Very effective to counter-attack a simple threat like the kites and balloons. i wrote to a couple of newspapers, IDF, Shabach, got no answers from anyone. Only a mail from prime-ministers office saying too busy to reply to all mails :(
"Google" it and see for yourselves.
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