Opinion  Nahum Barnea
The most anti-Israeli law
Nahum Barnea
Published: 30.07.18, 23:50
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1. the nationality bill is absolutely necesssary!
david ,   new york   (07.31.18)
look how many on the left are up in arms about calling Israel a Jewish country!
it will only get worse and we need to make it clear and explicit now.
the Druze are a valued minority in a Jewish country, but it is still a Jewish state created as such.
it's kind of obvious to religious and identified Jews throughout the world. unfortunately, there are rootless seculars in Israel who are completely out to lunch
2. Bring it on, you lousy Jewish Kapos, propagators of a "state
for all people" which, as we all are aware of, is a code word for "Endelosnung" of the only Jewish state on earth!
3. 20% of New Zealand population is Chinese
Boaz   (07.31.18)
Chinese is not an official language, street signs are not in Chinese and Chinese New Year is not our official holiday. Why is that Israel, the jewish state, has to be different? The official language is Hebrew. They have Israeli IDs and they speak Hebrew, so why this publicity stunt?
4. An Oxymoron
JOSEPH GOLDBERG ,   gush   (07.31.18)
The framers of this contentious law erred when they applied the term "Jewish" to the nation state. Jewish is understood as referring to religion, culture or ethnic origin. State is a political entity. When one identifies himself as American, it says nothing about his religion or ethnic origin. Secular messianists want to restore a Jewish state that existed once upon a time as a monarchy. The concept of democracy does not allow that anymore and applying Jewish to a state is an oxymoron.
5. Of Course
Daniel Freedman ,   Tzfat   (07.31.18)
Can always depend on ynet or Haaretz to hate anything projewish. I'm sure they love neo-nazi or the anti Semitic Arab hatred. For the life of me,, why haven't Jews driven out enemies like this
6. one step closer to Apartheid regime and two steps to its END
ironbutterfly   (07.31.18)
Israel is doing exactly what South Africa was doing.
It's a DEATH WISH game, in which Israel is going ultimately to lose.
Now it's doesn't really matter, because one way or another Israel was destined to turn from "jewish" state into a Palestinian state.
Israel can not refuse Palestinians declaration of willingness to be part of Israel.
3 MILLION Palestinians overnight will change the face of Israel.
7. Subdue your hatred toward "Jewishness"
Gene   (07.31.18)
"On the conclusion of Shabbat..." There is nothing "Israelisness" in Shabbat, silly, Shabbat is Jewish holiday. Not "Druze", not Arabic: just Jewish. It is a national holiday in Israel because Israel is a Jewish country. That is the only reason why citizens of Israel (Druze, Arabs, Ukrainians..) have day off on that day. The new law just stated this, the facts on the ground, nothing else.
8. DNA proves Druze and Ashkenazi are not from Levant
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN   (07.31.18)
9. For the sake of the Druze it is time to revisit the law
Arnie ,   Montreal   (07.31.18)
What I have read over the last few days makes it imperative to revisit the law. The Druze are an integral part of Israeli society.
10. Bibi & allies have already jettisoned much of Diaspora Jewry
Rafi ,   US   (07.31.18)
with their self-serving policies, actions, & decisions...

Why not dispatch with the Druze and other long-standing supporters of Israel ?

Anything to please the right-wing religious political base.
11. Imbecile Barnes will do anything to join the chorus of
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.31.18)
Netanyahu bashers
12. Nahum Barnea
Sam Tayar ,   Montreal   (07.31.18)
I elected to title this comment Nahum Barnea rather than 'The most anti-Israeli law' because it is more about the author than the subject. Nathan, to be honest with his readership should qualify the article as a personal opinion. There are no indications that many have expressed similar views - even not from the left, Jews have suffered thousands of years without their own state and finally can declare loudly & proudly to planet earth that Israel is now the Jewish homeland. No if's, but's or maybe's. Shame on you Nathan for welling your brothers & sisters down the river. Even European Jews laid down their lives rather than sacrifice or harm their own kind. And you, for a few shekels, are drowning their memory! May you earn your just 'reward'.
13. Israeliness?
dave ,   tzfat/phila   (07.31.18)
name one donor to the zionist cause who contributed for Israeliness. State for the Jews, not for Israelis (christians, muslims, etc )
14. The Nationality Law = 100% JUSTIFIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.31.18)
But there is a lot more to be done...GET RID OF THE HOSTILE ARABS !!!!!!!!!

70 years after it's founding, Israel must finally GROW UP.
15. Well spoken
Disillusioned   (07.31.18)
There could have been a different way, but of course, this is Netanyahuan governance, where division and tribalism has overtaken healthy, democratic debate.

Not content with having reduced the middle class to low-paid call center representatives, and reduced the working class to paupers, and increased the level of corruption to that of a third world banana republic, but he has split the Jews into 1st, 2nd and 3rd class depending on how they choose to practice their faith.

He has divorced American Jewry for the sake of 600,000 fringe 3 mandates.

And now he has divorced the loyal Druze community, and who have sacrificed so many lives in defence of a country in which they've been marginalized.

You know, one may talk about his apparent IQ level until one is blue in the face, but in the end, it is no measure of his greatness as a human being. What is a measure of that will be shrapnel he's left behind.

16. depend what you define as Israeli??
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (07.31.18)
Mapai definition doesn't hold any water, you are on wrong track using same arguments of the past??? Too many mistake and damage was done to core of Am Israel by old oligarchy???All you arguments are irrelevant as following a wrong ideological line of thinking????
17. There's no fool like an old liberal.
Brad ,   USA   (07.31.18)
Barnea is obviously a Romans Ch.1 fool. Vain, useless, and futile in his thinking.
18. All of the "critics" of this law have no friggin' idea WHAT
they're babbling about...
It's a knee-jerk reflex brought on by the insidious, leftist Fifth Column we've cultivated here for so long.
Should they succeed in turning the Druze against us I will say: good luck, well done and ....good riddance.
If they can be swayed so easily & turned into potential adversary of the state, then we've done something obviously right, not so?
19. It's Barnea: like that scorpion, he cannot behave diffrently
20. Nationality Law is a big step in the right direction
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.31.18)
The Nationality Law firmly anchors Israel as a Jewish state. But it does not, in any way, negate our respect for our Druze community, or any other loyal community. The Nationality Law is a big step towards building a strong, self respecting Jewish state. It is not the least surprising that it is strongly opposed by leftists, like Barnea, who are infallibly wrong on every major issue from Oslo and Disengagement (which they loved), to Arafat, the Golan and everything else.
21. The ultra-orthodox don't recognise the country, many
Shachar ,   Eilat   (07.31.18)
National Religious refuse to recognise the term Israeli and even some of the secular right-wing are not connected to their country. The bill's name, Nationality Bill, is anything but a National bill as it only recognises 78% of the population. As Barnea points out this bill is anti-Israeli and it's promoters want to destroy the term Israeli. They want a Jewish state without Muslims, Christians, Bahai, Druze, LGBT, seculars, liberals etc. The bill has been watered down so as to carry no practical purpose but Bibi seems well pleased with the divisions and hatred he has nurtured.
22. The N Law is racist, ugly, undemocratic and against Torah
Shela Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (07.31.18)
23. Who dreamt this up?
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.31.18)
The Bill sounds hastily patched together almost to the point of pettiness with no sense of the ethical and social implications that it poses

In some ways it is an understandable response to the Arab List ideology of SELF EXCLUSION and SEPARATION though completely at odds with the majority of young Israeli Arabs who are confident and comfortable with their identity as both Israeli and Arab and resent the Lists message of social division which has excluded them from military and national service one of the very cores values of the Israeli Society

The trouble with the Bill is that far from trying to COMBAT division and social cohesion it simply serves to exacerbate it

WE all take immense pride of Israel as a Jewish State that embraces all religions and Judaic orthodoxies NOT a Jewish State for Jews
24. the nationality law and others
tomer ,   jerusalem   (07.31.18)
until recently i was a proud israeli. Now i am not proud anymore,a feel
ashamed and angry. My non jewish friends ask me what happened that
israeli becomes a "nicht-juden rein" state? I have no answers,only to say:
These are laws made by "Fear", these laws will disappear once we get
a more "fearless" government. However it may by then to Late.......( a smell
of "dark "german history comes to mind ) i hope i am wrong.
25. martin niemoeller adaption
tomer ,   jerusalem   (07.31.18)
First they came for the arabs, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a arab
Then they came for the druze, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Druze
Then they came for the gays,and i did not speak out-
because i was not gay.
Then they came for christians and other non jews, and I did not speak out—
Because i was not christian or "non-jew"
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

This adapion from a famous quote made by martin Niemoeller ,about
nazi germany comes to mind when seeing how israel becomes an
"ethno-centric"nation ,regressing into a state run by nihilists and narcissim.
We are fed daily "FEAR"(iran,the arabs coming to vote,existance of state in danger,immigrants etc.etc.) and thus our politicians see it justified to
curb Freedom of speech,freedom of press,indepence of high-court, to censor
artists and writers , to change education curriculums etc. And most disturbing the government looks for international partners among those who
step on democratic liberties with ease ( Hungary,poland,turkey, usa ...)

Therefore it is of utmost importance to show that this is not what"israel"
wants. Speak up,go to demonstrate .....Its high time .

26. national self determination
C   (07.31.18)
national self determination cannot be granted to minorities in israel.
granting national self determination to minorities would result in
the liquidation of the state.
israel is the national homeland of the jewish people.
israel declared independence as the national homeland of the
jewish people.
the declaration of independence refers specifically to the jewish
prophets and to the ingathering of the exiles.
there are israelis, but there is no such thing as "israeliness."
muslims in israel do not participate in the national life of israel.
they do not serve in the army and reject israel. they want a
so called palestinian state. they have their own flag, not the
recognised flag of israel.
the druze are israelis, but they are also syrians and lebanese.
discrimination against them is unacceptable, but that does not
mean that they are entitled to national self determination within
27. YNET, where are the other posts?
C   (07.31.18)
28. we do not want a final solution
C   (07.31.18)
we want a jewish army which protects the national jewish state of israel.

only in the sovereign jewish state of israel are we free and secure.

nowhere in the whole wide world are jews free and state.

only in the sovereign jewish state of israel can jews fight for
their existence.

only in israelcan jews have a jewish army which fights and
protects the civilian population.

we shall never again go like sheep to the slaugheter
29. Nationality Law.
GABE1 ,   Thornhill, Canada   (07.31.18)
Utter Nonsense. Very disappointed with the Druze community and maybe they are not as loyal as they make out to be. Not sure what Jews get that the Druze or Arabs do not get. Are their religious schools and community activities not funded unlike Jewish schools in Canada, the USA or enlightened Europe? Is Israel not the de facto Jewish State and is Hebrew not the language of Israel? Must we create mini fiefdoms to satisfy all the minorities?
I would suggest that Jewish Leftists and the Druze knock it off.
30. The most anti-Israeli law
George Weiss ,   Teaneck   (08.01.18)
None of your assertions are correct. This law just enshrines what is the reality in Israel, a state (and the only one in the world) that is at constant risk of being eliminated).
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