Second Druze IDF officer announces resignation over Nationality Law
Yoav Zitun
Published: 31.07.18, 12:00
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1. Misguided, (by our leftist Quislings) poor soldier! Unfair
to him, unfair to all of us: NOT the law but the incitement caused by the warped anti-Zionist Fifth Column!
2. It is true, the N law is a treacherous betrayal of Druze, et
Assi Ardan ,   Tel Aviv   (07.31.18)
3. your excellence Prime Minister
tomer ,   jerusalem   (07.31.18)
stop the natinonality law now and scrap it. It is completely unnecssary and
extremely harmful to the democratic values governing our state.

Not only Israeli arabs and druze feel excluded in a state which
is "non jew free". The christian minorities and othersfeel that Israel
regressed into an ethnocentric,tribal entity.
The founding fathers of israel choose for good reasons not the Name:
"judea" but "israel". This law and the "pundekaut law" will cause havoc
in our fragile community. Change it now.
4. Druze aspirations for their culture and language are unique
The aspirations of the Druze community within Israel are unique along with their culture and language and their service in protection of the state and institutions. Perhaps an addendum to the nationality law leads to be passed to cater for other minorities which addresses their aspirations of communities within Israel as full and equal citizens within Israel as a Jewish state
whose national aspirations and self determination are similar to the Jews but historically different.
5. only shows how needed the nationality law was
david ,   new york   (07.31.18)
"Israel is the nation state of the jewish people"
if this is in question, then we are in a bad state.
good to pass the bill now and let those with delusions get over it
a protected and valued minority, great
but its still the jewish state
6. And well done, AGAIN to our useless, stupid government
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.31.18)
How could you do that to these people?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You are all MORONS!!!
7. Druze speak Arabic speak no other language
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.31.18)
8. Why the fuss?
Julius ,   Baltimore, Md   (07.31.18)
Ron Elhayk, I believe is his name, has proven Thru DNA studies that Druze are not Semites but Ashkhenazi as the Eastern European Jew.
9. New Law
Merced Dave ,   Merced, USA   (07.31.18)
A democratic state always has to be careful to protect the individual and minorities. Most Germans supported prohibitions against Jews before WWII. Most Americans originally supported slavery and later putting US-Japanese citizens in internment camps. So just because a majority of citizens support a law doesn't make it right and can lead to terrible injustice. I sympathize with Druze citizens, their deaths in support of Israel are just as painful as a Jew's death. Why make them second class citizens by law?
10. Shadi Zydan, your service is much appreciated
C   (07.31.18)
the nationality law does not deprive you of any rights that you had before
the passage of this law.
you are not different today than you were yesterday.
however, national self determination does not apply to minority
citizens of the state.
the druze cannot have national self determination since they do
not have their own territory or their own government.
most liberal democracies have minorities who have equal
rights but who do not have the right to national self determination.
outside of israel, jews do not have the right to national self determination.
11. Ashkemazim R descendents of the Khazar tribes who converted
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (07.31.18)
to Talmudic Judaism> They have absolutely have nothing to do with ancient Israel.
12. Can we ever again trust loyalty of Druse ?
5thColumnDruse? ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.18)
Druse are a Moslem sect Druse leaders do not support Jewish claim to Temple Mount
13. the problem is the hysteria around the bill
zionist forever   (07.31.18)
The nation state bill is surrounded in hysteria drummed up by the left and the arabs and so nobody is looking at the facts: Before the bill Israel defined itself as JEWISH STATE, why could the Druze fight for a Jewish state? It was never a state of all the people so they cannot argue that their connection to the land has been taken from them. So why can't they fight for a NATION STATE OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE as long as their civil rights are not affected in anyway?
14. The Nationality Law is NECESSARY AND CORRECT !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.01.18)
It just states the basics of the ONLY Jewish state.
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