Norway demands Israel explain seizure of Gaza-bound boat
Published: 31.07.18, 20:26
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1. Norway? They better stop whaleing
Farid H. ,   Germany / Morocco   (07.31.18)
The Kaarstein should rather try to stop Norwegian fishers from hunting whales, than meddling in affairs they clearly don't understand.
2. Norwegians playing the idiot card
tiki ,   belgium   (07.31.18)
They had been warned before what would happen.

People would be arrested & vessel confiscated.

So stop whining!
3. Norway has some explaining to do
Ed ,   USA   (07.31.18)
Why is Norway sending aid to people actively engaged in attacking innocent people and destroying property in Israel? Humanitarian aid? Then send it to Israel. Even this blockade has, sadly, not prevented Hamas from acquiring armaments and attacking Israel. Too many Gazans have lost their lives in these immoral and fruitless attacks. Norway should not be encouraging more attacks.
4. The Norwegians "Demand"
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.31.18)
Perhaps they should ask nicely, since they seem to be aiding and abetting these activists who are empowering a terrorist organization that is in the midst of a campaign to kill and cause indiscriminate damage.

They have no right to "demand". They should be, hat-in-hand, explaining why they have a dog in this fight. Otherwise, the proper response to them is "kiss my ass".

Norway is on my list of dickhead meddlesome states that I do no commerce with and has been for some time.

BTW, have they yet apologized for their Nazi allegiances, especially after the war?
5. Norway, and oil-rig that pretends to be a nation...
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (07.31.18)
No wonder they feel so close to other oil-only-resource states. Can't wait to see them when they're left with a pension fund and herrings !...
6. norway- your demands are laughable
irv   (07.31.18)
Israel could wipe Norway out in 1 day. so be careful with your language. and shut up-how about that-shut up
7. Norway has more money than sense..I await Islamic takeover
Alan ,   SA   (07.31.18)
of Norway with great anticipation (Sweden as well)
8. Bill Norway for the expense
Gee59 ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.31.18)
Make Norway pay all the expenses for violating Israeli sovereignty and deport their terrorist supporting clowns
9. See children, if you don't eat veggies you become... Norway!
10. Tell the Vikings to FO
Cameron   (07.31.18)
Sometimes you have to be very direct with the fool kids in Europe.
11. Here is the legal ground and threat
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (08.01.18)
Legal Grounds: A foreign ship was unlawfully entering Israeli waters and seeking to breach Israeli controlled area.

Threat: 1. The Israelis do not know what is on the ship regardless of the so called peace activists claiming it was so-called humanitarian supplies. 2. If Israel let this ship through then 20 more like it filled with weapons would be sailing tomorrow. 3. Any vessel breaching Israeli space is a threat.

F' Norway. You should worry more about the Muslims invading your country and less about Israel defending itself from terrorists!
12. How embarrassing it must be to hold Norwegian passport!?
13. Seriously?! You have no idea why???
doda   (08.01.18)
14. Norway, not serious
Lucifer69   (08.01.18)
15. Gaza blockade is legal
C   (08.01.18)
gaza is a hostile terrorist entity ruled by islamic terrorists of hamas.
hamas has been waging war against israel for the past eleven years.
the blockade of gaza is a response to the war waged by hamas
against the sovereign state of israel.
attempts to breach this legal blockade is a violation of the laws
of war.
16. Arabs going to Norway!
ARI ,   Lod   (08.01.18)
1,000,000 arabs from Gaza coming to Norway!!! Norway. welcome them!
17. Norway: "Why?" Israel: "R u that stupid?"
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN   (08.01.18)
18. Whats there TO EXPLAIN
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.01.18)
Hamas are in a state of a self declared war of destruction against Israel

Israel imposes a protective blockade in self defence as is HER RIGHT

This so called Norwegian 'aid boat' is designed INTENTIONALLY to UNDERMINE the blockade not to bring aid..because BONA FIDE aid gone through formal channels ALWAYS GETS THROUGH

And dont forget...Neither Israel nor its Norwegian detractors KNOWS FOR SURE whats in those boats...arms. chemical weapons, rockets....

19. We shud call Norge in to explain its part in great Oslo con
Alan ,   SA   (08.01.18)
20. Fatboy Sherry compares the sinking of the Lusitania
A ,   OutThere   (08.01.18)
to the capture of the Norwegian fishing boat and calls both an act of war. The Lusitania was smuggling weapons to England under guise of being a passenger ship, unknown to the Americans, which would lead to the German attack and drag the US into the war as Churchill secretly hoped would happen. Who knows what the Norwegian ship was trying to smuggle into gaza...bandages and out dated medicine ? At least Israel was humane enough not to sink it.
21. The Vikings turning over in their graves.
Brad ,   USA   (08.01.18)
Norway's "diplomats" should worry about the flood of Muslim terrorists in Norway raping young girls, and leave Israel alone.
22. Robert Thorpe very inconsistent.
Brad ,   USA   (08.02.18)
He says we can call it what we like, but Israel's self defense is not defense. Well, if we can call it what we like, then calling it defense is valid. He prattles on about international law, but then rejects the international law that Israel is a nation, not an occupier of other people's land. Israel didn't creat any humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Muslim believers did that. Thorpe is right about one thing though. The Nazis didn't bomb the Jewish ghettos. The Nazis went into the ghettos, moved the Jews to death camps, and threw them into ovens. Thorpe is another example of a Romans Ch.1 fool. Vain, useless, and futile in his thinking.
23. Norway could have used normal channels.
To bring aid violently is not wise. The Norwegians behaved like terrorists.
24. Breach of Israeli border - there is your explanation.
leo   (11.04.19)
25. Norway, demand away.
leo ,   usa   (11.04.19)
26. What is there to explain?
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (12.13.19)
Norway plays an idiotic diplomatic game. Norway knows perfectly well, that they performed a maritime attack on Israel. We will explain that they can raise their Christian prayers thanking Israel for no loss of Norwegian life.
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