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Israel is under massive Chinese, Russian cyber espionage attack
Ronen Bergman
Published: 31.07.18, 23:53
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1. Spying: the second-oldest profession
Farid H. ,   Germany / Morocco   (08.01.18)
Any nation-state is bound to be on both ends of spying: as target and as attacker. It is part of life since the dawn of humanity. See it as a compliment: only interesting and important countries attract foreign spies in large numbers.

Thank you for this very instructive article.
2. 80% of this writeup is garbage & intentional misinformation.
ironbutterfly   (08.01.18)
Israel is trying to blame the whole world for "spying". NOBODY needs to spy on this mikey mouse state. Nobody has any real reasons to spy on Israel.
There is nothing to spy for. Technology??? China, Russia, and of course US and Canada has all that technology. Israeli companies exist for selling their ideas for billions. Chinese have zero problem to buy these companies.
To spy for "military" reasons??? Again, absolutely no reason for anybody to do that. All this writeup is A bunch of made up crap.
3. How to do it.
Ralph   (08.01.18)
No doubt the most sensitive material cannot be stored on a computer. It must be put together with an old fashioned type-writer and paper.
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (08.01.18)
5. Russian, Chinese spying on Israel is not surprising
C   (08.01.18)
israel is considered to be part of the western alliance by these countries.
furthermore, it is known that israel is very advanced technologically and
is therefore an attractive prey for both russia and china.
israel has to increase its deterrence against russian and chinese spying.
nor should israel believe putin's lies.
6. Ko
mcohen ,   Tel   (08.01.18)
Always assume everything will stolen so make it easier for the thief.give the thief what he wants and he will be happy.
7. Send the Donut Mark Sherry to investigate.
BBB   (08.01.18)
9. And sent by carrier pigeons?
10. Hmm, does your fanny get smacked
while your head is in the sand, Bozo?
11. #1 Well said.
12. so what?
yo   (08.02.18)
israel has been getting away with so much crap without any media attention. its about time some other country tried to take them down a notch.
13. China leading the way to attack Israel
Tova   (08.07.18)
and many other nations. While everyone is looking at Russia, Iran, Syria
and Islamic Jihadits anywhere in the world the lead snake is China. To look for the enemy you must look under the surface. China is much more powerful than
Russia and Russia is fearful of China than any other nation.

China is the snake in the grass which nobody sees. From manufacturing poorly made products, Unclean food and explotation of slave labour in many nation and dishonest business practices.

This news is old news China is strong because China only sees China with no other nation on the planet. Similiar to a Jihadits view and communist view of the world. This is just a sign of what is to com in the next few years.

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