Russian envoy: Iranian forces pulled back from Golan Heights
Published: 01.08.18, 13:15
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1. What about IRANIAN and SHIA MILITIAS in Syrian uniform
Alan ,   SA   (08.01.18)
Will they stay on the Golan border in Syrian Army uniforms and drive vehicles and planes and drones with Syrian Army/Air Force markings???Will they dig 85Km long tunnel under that border ???Or get up to some other mischief. It looks like Pres Trump will meet with Iranian leaders soon-he must tell them to get out of every country and return to Iran.
2. Got to love this
Rami ,   Helsinki   (08.01.18)
Putin telling through Lavrentyev that Assad must hand over Afrin and Idlib to Erdogan and that shia fanatics can't even fire one single round towards Israel after 40 years of raving and screaming. Assad can do nothing but watch. Mullah economy is collapsing so mullahs will either have to disobey Putin or lose power. Erdogan wont make any individual deals with Iran as long as he gets Afrin and Idlib.
3. This will definitely be good for Israel
a ,   Detroit   (08.01.18)
There we go! So Iran gets to remain in Syria and 85 klms is so far away, what possible reason is there to think a vast array of missiles will be spread out all over da place to eventually be shot into Israel, you know, just to bring them joy and grief. And even when Iran decides to hurl thousands of missiles all over Israel, the latter has the so called David's sling that has just proven very effective as does the Aluminum Dome. I'm sure Iran is doing its best to keep their laughter to a dull roar, at least out in public.
4. As if Iran will commit to maintaining 85 km distance
Jake   (08.01.18)
Russia has much influence over the Assad regime, but very little over Iran and its Shi'ite proxy terror groups.
5. No more jaw jaw. Just bomb bomb.
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN   (08.01.18)
6. The shell games are just beginning
Ralph   (08.01.18)
The mullahs will play cat and mouse every chance they have. The mullahs will withdraw 1 KM and move forward 2 KM the next day.
7. A Joke?
Eileen ,   Ra'anana   (08.01.18)
At first Russia tried to get Bibi to accept 100 kms. Bibi refused claiming it isn't far enough. And now...after weeks of noise and negotiations...he accepts 85kms. BRILLIANT negotiation skills.
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