Former top defense officials to rally against Nationality Law
Korin Elbaz Alush
Published: 01.08.18, 20:48
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1. Only now do we begin to appreciate the depth of rot that is
called "Israeli Defense Establishment".
May God & the Good Fairy have mercy on us!
2. Proof there are too many leftists in defense establishment
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.01.18)
The fact that former defense establishment officials are rallying against the patriotic Nationality Law is further proof there are far too many leftists in Israel's defense establishment. This goes a long way towards explaining why our magnificent I.D.F. no longer fights to win. It also explain why so many former defense and security establishment figures come out strongly for the left during elections. This situation urgently needs to be remedied.
3. Hopefully the people will unite and defeat Itsnotmeyahuuuu
Tehraniporou   (08.01.18)
and its unprecedented berlusconism
4. Surprise how many ex-military+security become Leftist wimps.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.01.18)
5. predictable abusive trash from the right-wing Amen corner
Rafi ,   US   (08.02.18)
Bravo to Israel Defense Establishment who have the integrity & caiones to stand up for what is right & decent!

Meanwhile the right-wing just keeps building that ghetto wall ever higher... jettisoning conservative & reform Jews, women, American liberals, Democrats, other Diaspora communities, Druze, Circassians ... just a matter of who's next...

And the paradigm is self-fulfilling: always them vs the ever-growing "anti-Semitic world"...
6. all these yeshiva kids critical of old soldiers is typical
of the neo israeli fundamentalists, immature and disrespectfull in a jewish and democratic country,?
Zeev Vardi ,   tEL   (08.02.18)
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