Druze MKs accept PM's plan to end rift over Nationality Law
Ynet writers
Published: 01.08.18, 19:38
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1. very excellent
C   (08.01.18)
2. Fantastic people
Yakov ,   Afula   (08.01.18)
The Law of Return should apply to Druze anywhere in the world. Let it be known that they are welcome in Israel, to make it their home if they so wish.
3. please get facts right about status of arabic
zionist forever   (08.01.18)
I am sick of hearing how arabic has been downgraded as its no longer an official language, the arabs might want to believe that but the editors should at least get their facts right. Israel has never had an official language, what we did have was a law introduced by the British in 1922 saying all official government papers and signs etc must be in hebrew, arabic and english. In 1948 that law was amended to drop english but thats it, there was never an official language. This law anchors into Basic Law hebrew as official language and arabic as a special status language so if anything arabic has had an upgrade.
4. What about the rest who are excluded.
Cissy ,   Haifa   (08.01.18)
This is still an insult to every person who wishes to be part of Israel.
5. Druze to become Honorary Jews, tokens
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN   (08.02.18)
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