Druze leaders to continue protests over Nationality Law
Hassan Shaalan, Itamar Eichner
Published: 02.08.18, 11:06
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1. Druze are more than intelligent not to fall for leftist ruse
2. They're right not to trust Netanyahu
Disillusioned   (08.02.18)
All smooth talk and reassurances one minute, the next he gets threatened by his coalition and it's all reneged.

Bennett made it clear they will not change the wording one bit, so why another law to contradict the National State law?

Indeed, where are the rights of the other minorities now, or we now going to have 2nd class, 3rd and 4th class based on tribal standing?

They've already done this to the Jews here depending on their choice of denomination, so what should the Arab peoples living here to get from this ship of divisive fools currently in the Knesset?

3. The best solution is to give Druze autonomy.
4. druze and Aramaic christians
mark   (08.02.18)
those loyal to the state and fighting for it deserve mention in the land of the Jews bill ie land of the jews supported by fellow druze/aramaics. feiglin will deal with the others in the form of voluntary relocation. this will come.

netanyahu is not much different than herzog. his capitulation before erdogan was insulting to any jew anywhere. the man is weak as hell and gives in instinctively. his commando days are almost a fig leaf for doing nothing.he does not think like a soldier. he is a man of words, not action as he sweats, runs to putin and trump and utters fears that project onto Israelis- enough of the netanyhus.

Israel should abandon any pretense of peace negotiations. quiet results from overwhelming power and being feared. Israel should also claim its rightful land of Manasseh Reuben and Gad on the east side of the Jordan as it is an artificial creation stolen from mandate. this land is vital to Israel in terms of its population, tourism, and industry.

netanyahu is a coward, yellow to the bone. Lieberman should not listen to one word he utters.
5. "autonomy" is against Druze religion
Karl   (08.03.18)
The Druze people are ancient, and proud - and strong. If they wanted their own State, it would have happened in Lebanon a long time ago. But they apparently do not. Their religion is hierarchically esoteric; so most ordinary Druze, much less outsiders, will never know if there even EXISTS a Druzi scriptural basis for having any kind of "Druze Political Zionism".
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