Police arrest 46 Haredim in Jerusalem protest
Yishai Porat
Published: 02.08.18, 14:26
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1. Haredim or Druzim
Eileen ,   Ra'anana   (08.02.18)
Bennet and Bibi can certainly be proud of the Nationality Law..

Look how the Haredim are fighting to fill in the positions that the Druzim, and Beduin are leaving.,

Next...let's declare Yiddish the second language in Israel. If we are turning into a Jewish Ghetto, might as well go all the way.
2. "We will die before we enlist"
Goodguy   (08.02.18)
This might actually be a good idea to get rid of some of a few of them.
This will teach them a lesson they will hopefully never forget.
3. Scumbags!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.18)
Won't serve their country but like to take take take. Lock
Up the bacteria.
4. a question....
bimbi ,   Israel   (08.02.18)
Do you suppose that the police of the State of Israel decided to carry out the initial arrest in a public way Dafka! today in order to keep these self-centered scofflaws from joining forces with other anti-democratic elements and disturbing the peaceful gay parade?
5. To Save the Torah World?
Disillusioned   (08.04.18)
Fools. If they read the torah before they dovened their brains out, they'd see that the torah commands them to fight the enemies of the Jews.

Instead, they've made war on other Jews. An all too familiar landscape in this region.

Lazy shnorrers.

On the other hand, do we really NEED such useless individuals in the military? To kick up a fuss against inclusion of females, to demand their revolting glatt kosher Polish food? To object to everythng and anything that isn't according to their weird cultist beliefs?

Keep them out. Just stop paying them to reproduce and make more shnorrers.

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