Netanyahu ends meeting with Druze leaders over 'apartheid' comment
Ahoya Raved, Itamar Eichner
Published: 02.08.18, 21:10
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Elyahu Sasson ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.18)
2. Netanyahu: how's that demagogery & lying working out for U?
Rafi ,   US   (08.02.18)
Reaping the full rewards yet ?
3. nationality law
David Shichor ,   Fullerton, Californi   (08.02.18)
The legislation of the new law is a typical example of how to create a new problem.
4. Me Samcha? (Who authorized?)
Mr. Whipple ,   Israel   (08.02.18)
Did I read and hear correctly? Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu is willing to bestow upon certain non-Jewish Israeli citizens special rights in Israel?
Excuse me? Who is Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu that he believes that he can bestow upon citizens of our nation special rights?
Reminder: Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu is the duly elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel. This means that he is a servant of the people...that is, we, the people are not his servants or his cannon fodder. He is not there to bestow anything on any of us...he is NOT a king or dictator...he is a prime minister servant of the people.
5. The Druze are loyal. They need to feel that...
...this is the state worth fighting for. They are completely fine with being a minority (their entire culture is built around being a small minority) and they do respect the Jewish character of the state. They are loyal to the state, because their religion teaches them to respect the governing authority. But, when their cities and villages are not allowed to expand, how are they supposed to see their future in the Jewish state?
6. Government and Druze need to step back and stop insults to
Both sides need to step back, and redouble efforts to recognise the equality of al Israeli citizens in Law recognising all communities who see themselves as Israeli and identify with the state and it's institutions and who lay down their lives for its protection whether Druze haredi or whatever. Equality in the law, SoCal and legal and economic. All communities bind to the nation state in a different way which does not affect how they relate to their citizenship and the citations and traditions. This has to be clear that equality of citizenship due not elevate or derogate diminish the status of any community .
7. It’s not evil, it’s Israel.
Ken   (08.02.18)
8. same old same old
marcel   (08.02.18)
citizens have to recognize israel is the land of the jews no ifs ands or buts. all others have equal rights period. if they want land of the Arabs, then go to Damascus or other places.

the reason you do not want to recognize the land of the Jews because ramallah told you not to give in-that they will destroy Israel once hamas sets up a Palestine state on west bank if ignoramus lapid and gabbay have their way. then it doesn't matter if druze are treated like dirt in syrian golan. they will be content in being part of Arab state.

Jewish patriots see what is going on here. rivlin livni, some idf officals and others are dead wrong. and if druze decide not to fight in the idf , then that is their business.

druze officers are lying through their teeth in saying Israel is an apartheid. it is heaven compared to arab if they feel otherwise, then go there.

when feiglin comes to power because he will as Israeli demand he be pm in place of weaklings bibi and lapid, this matter will be decisively settled.
9. Israel must stay the course and be strong in spite of Left's
unending attempts at undermining our very existence.
The Left must be ostracized and the Druze must come to their senses...
10. He is promoted General and says Israel is Apartheid State??
Alan ,   SA   (08.03.18)
11. Boys& girls: this is how it's done, Leftist attempt at
setting the agenda/ changing governmental decrees and laws, by fermenting artificial crises and hoping that the dumb masses will fall for that.
You know what: it often succeeds.
Just look at the hapless Druze: total misunderstanding of the situation!
But there's a silver lining to this: it showed us how much this law is needed and how much Left despises the very idea of Jews having their own country!
12. Rescind the law and get rid of Trumpibibi
DOV ,   USA   (08.03.18)
Can you imagine fighting for your country side by side with fellow soldiers who have a higher standing as citizens in Israel than you do. It is a disgrace. I lost my grandparents to the Nazis and there is no way in hell I would treat my fellow brothers in arms and neighbors in this appealing manner. Do not turn Israel into a shtetl within itself. Remember how we always come back from the brink of annihilation I think we're heading in that direction again if many Israelis support this law.
13. be realistic
dave ,   china   (08.03.18)
Syria always discriminate\d against the Druz. in today\t's Lebanon the Druz are not better off than the Christians.
Israel received the Druz with one arms and the Druz are extremely loyal sonf have recognised the fact that they are treated like all the Israelis and much better than the arab Israelis that never showed any loyalty to the state.

HOWEVER they need to also realise that at a time when the Arab are trying to create a new history and they are well backed by the antisemite of the world Israel could no longer ignore the problem and has to remind the world that Israel is a JEWISH state.

If all the Ashkenazi leaders that were more interested in playing the Democracy than being realistic and had listened to Meir Kahna 50 years ago the Druz would have grown up in a JEWISH state with full rights.

Whoever cannot understand this reality is not a friend of the Jews. If they fell that this Isarel is an Apartheid, please move to live with the Druz communities in Syria and Lebanon and hey.... good luck for going back to the Stone Age Mr. Amal Asad and associates

14. In the past they wanted to be Syrians. What changed?
jore ,   l   (08.02.18)
15. Arabs are enemies of both the Jews and Druzee
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.03.18)
16. Why he is getting excited
Jon   (08.03.18)
Israel is an apartheid state. No questions about it.
17. Druze smell weakness their faith demands strength
BewareTheDruze ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.18)
Their religion which is a branch of Islam demands they alleign
With the strongest they see and smell our division and weakness and
Assad’s survival they respect his brutality
90% Of Israeli Druze “brothers”live in Syria and
Lebanon they despise weakness see Israel’s
liberal “Western society as foreign
Israeli constant infighting and identity confusion
Will eventually be our doom
18. I once respected the Druse no longer
NotTrueFriends ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.18)
19. Majority asking Can we ever trust the Druze again?!
DruseSmellWeakness ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.18)
20. Druze respect “Strength” we Are now seen as weak
Only140,000Druze ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.18)
Our infighting is unknown in the Druze world it is seen as preceding self destruction and they smell blood
Need to remind them they are a tiny minority
I wonder if majority of Druze even have a problem with this law
Remember also they are aoskem sect and do not recognize our rights to the Temple Mount when I was in the army Druze soldiers said to me we should give it up “
21. national self determination vs. equality
C   (08.03.18)
national self determination is not accorded to minorities within a sovereign
jews are not accorded national self determination in any sovereign state
except in the jewish state of israel.
equality under the law is accorded to minorities within democratic states.
the druze can demand equality within israel as a jewish state, but
they cannot demand national self determination.
22. apartheid?
joe   (08.03.18)
druze know they have it good in Israel. they know it. are thing perfect? no/. But life is good for the druze. they do their idf service, they move up the ladder.

to call Israel apartheid is the lowest of the low is an outright lie 100%. it lioks like some druze are getting their paychecks from nablus.

netanyahu was correct in shutting down the meeting.

israel will go it alone if it has to so the druze should reflect. do they want to go syria, to iraq, to jordan, to egypt?

on this one, netanyahu is correct and should be supported. the majority of the druze should cut a deal.
I say ,old chap, the use of the word " apartheid " is a bit strong ,what ?
25. What's the purpose of diminishing the status of Arabic?
N ,   N   (08.03.18)
What purpose does it serve that Arabic isn't an official language anymore?
That it's actually a good thing when Israeli students don't learn Arabic?
That it's a good thing when Israelis of Jewish nationality cannot understand what Israelis of Arab nationality talk to each other?
That it's a good thing to be ignorant, living in a bubble?
26. The Bill is unravelling
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.03.18)
The Bill is unravelling..

You cant have a Bill that then begins to make special allowances for this group or that group..surely its becoming clear that the Bill is unravelling and is unsustainable

27. What did he expect?
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.18)
Bibi delivered a massive slap in the face to the Druze community and HE walks out. The man has lost the plot. Utterly disgraceful.
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