The truth about Israel's Nationality Law
Netanel Fisher
Published: 03.08.18, 13:10
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1. Well done Ynet! Two sane op-eds in one week!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.03.18)
2. What about
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (08.03.18)
a temple mount settlement?
3. The Fact-resistant, leftist idiots won't be impressed anyway
4. Law
Mike   (08.05.18)
If it is so innocuous, why does it exist? IMHO the Supreme Court is a defense against minority rule by right wing parties
5. spread the word
Dvir   (08.05.18)
Finally, an eye-opening article against all anti-Israel incitement
6. dear mr.fisher ,lecturer at accademic center for law......
tomer ,   jerusalem   (08.05.18)
i am puzzled about your defense for a"basic law" which is
a) completely unnecessary
b) contradicts other basic laws .

So pls. think again and than write again.
7. Israel beware left is bringing us protests to israel
8. Hope beautiful Nationality Law begins patriotic revolution
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.07.18)
Fisher is correct. The Nationality Law doesn't say anything new. It simply reiterates what every Zionist and true friend of Israel knows to be the obvious truth about Israel. It is the National Homeland of the Jewish people. However, the Nationality Law is beautiful because it marks the first time, in decades, the Knesset has officially announced these obvious truths. Hopefully, the Knesset has found a new self respect. Hopefully, the Nationality Law marks the beginning of a patriotic revolution of Israel which will transform our nation to the strong gutsy self respecting Jewish nation we were meant to be.
9. The racist Nationality Law
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (08.08.18)
People of goodwill know this law panders to the ethno-religious right-wing kin order to ensure the perpetuation of monarchical rule in Israel. Here is a suggestion for the content of an alternative law:
1. Israel is the national home for Israeli citizens, whatever their ethnic or religious heritage.
2. Hebrew and Arabic are official languages.
3. Jewish cultures and traditions- religious, secular, and regional - will have an important place in Israeli society, as will other cultures and traditions which prevail in the country.
4. The diversity of Israeli society shall be reflected in an education system which promotes collective self-respect - and respect for others.
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