Report: US plans to strip Palestinian descendants of refugee status
Published: 04.08.18, 14:02
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1. At last - a politician that gets it
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.04.18)
UNWRA is a political sham that aims to destroy Israel
2. Yes, agree totally with Kushner.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (08.04.18)
the UNRWA should be revamped and placed under/with UNHCR as it is almost a non functional single entity that has loss it's substance in maintaining the 700,000 arabs that may/may not be generations of the original refugees. Seeing that some foreign arabs have infiltrated into Gaza during the decades old confrontation with Israel who may have married gazan women and in the event started their own family under the guise of refugee status. In this matter I fully agree with Kushner.
BBB   (08.04.18)
Sounds good to me.
4. demography
Victor ,   Berlin   (08.04.18)
the nazis + the palis murdered 6.000.000 of our people.

in today terms, that means that if they would still be alive and not exterminated, because they were israelites, we speak of at least 60.000.000 jews.

5. Stripped of something imagery that doesn’t exist
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (08.04.18)
What a hoha about nothing
A storm in a teacup
6. False logic
Avi L.   (08.04.18)
Tibetan, Birmanians. Bhutanese are unique.

"falastinians" are arabs like Egyptians, Jordans. Lebanese. Syrians etc, hey speak the same language. eat the same food and have the same cuture.

The vast majority are actually descendant of Egyptians, Jordans. Lebanese. Syrians etc
7. how can there be over five million refugees?!
C   (08.04.18)
at the end of the war of independence there were about seven hundred
thousand refugees.
the status of refugee is not inherited. therefore, the number of refugees today
would not be more than twenty thousand.
the numbers that the arabs claim is a sham.
8. Arabs belong in Arabia and.....Sweden!
9. That's cruel: what will the poor Euro-dupes donate/throw
their money at?!
They must not be denied their share in worldwide Jihad- promotion!
10. Arabs steal Middle East, won't pay, beg world for help,whine
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.05.18)
11. Kushner will soon discover the Palis would rather live here.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.05.18)
The long-suffering 'refugees' will not be going anywhere. They know they will be treated miserably anywhere they go. Curious though, my grandfather was a refugee from Tsarist Russia and all his children born in the USA are American citizens, as are their children.

Yet the original Arabs, their children and even grandchildren are considered by UNRWA to be refugees! How's that for special treatment no other people on the planet have managed to get?

The Arab nations have conspired with the UN to keep this song and dance act going for 70 years! Time to say 'enough!'

And it's long past the time to calling villages and towns 'refugee camps.' Time for the Arabs to grow up and get on with their lives. Or do they all want to be Haniyeh and the lost people of Gaza?

In the space of 70 years, Israel has gone from nothing to one of the most prosperous and advanced countries in the world. The Christians, Druze, and Muslims that embraced that dream have partaken of that success.

The Arabs that are sitting in their basements sulking, only thinking of how to stab some random Israeli, are mired in the past. A simple choice is before every Arab: either put down your kitchen knives and pick up a school book or keep holding the knife. One choice leads to incredible opportunity and the other choice leads to more stagnation and failure.

After 70 years, one would think they would have figured out which is the right choice. But no, their very own leaders are constantly telling them to make the wrong choice.

The Arabs won't 'resettle' anywhere. They want all of Israel. And until they get it, (which they never will), they'll gladly live here enjoying more opportunity and freedom (and handouts) than they'd ever find in some other Arab country.

12. Kushner or not no Pal right of return. Israel+Jews say so.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.05.18)
There is no chance Israel will allow a Palestinian right of return. If Palestinians doubt that they should count their dead and injured in Gaza.
13. Why no "right of return" to ... Kuwait?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.05.18)
About 27 years ago, in the aftermath of the first Gulf War, some 300,000 Palestinian Arabs long settled in Kuwait were summarily kicked out of the country, including those born there. Yet they are not deemed refugees from Kuwait. (Uniquely, by the UN's definition, it only took about TWO YEARS residence in Palestine to qualify for that inheritable "refugee" status.) If they have no "right of return" to Kuwait, or Egypt, or Syria, or wherever Arab country their family came from, why should they have such a right only to "return" to Israel?
14. Correct, people who sit are residents, not refugees.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.05.18)
People who are in transit may be called refugees if they are not allowed to stop moving, not allowed to start "sitting." And once accepted to sitting, such people need to show a desire to establish themselves economically, politically, socially.

Jews were in exile for a very long time and were not called "refugees." Arabs who reside in so-called "refugee camps" are not refugees. And when they sit and not trying to establish themselves, they are just failures. The US will be correct to treat those failures of Palestinian "refugee camps" as residents of the countries in which they sit. They don't deserve the support they have been receiving.
15. how do you gain millions more refugees in 70 years
zionist forever   (08.05.18)
Right of return will always kill any peace plan no matter what territorial concessions Israel makes because ROR is considered a holy thing. UNRWA sports the palestinian narrative so they are part the problem not part the solution. UNRWA itself is a corrupt entity that supports inflating numbers because then it gets more money, make the Pals responsibility of the UNCHR who will describe the Pals as displaced persons & dissolve UNRWA they no longer have the UN supporting the idea of ROR. If the Pals accepted that there are 20,000 refugees Israel may even agree to ROR of those 20,000 considering the youngest is 70 so they will not be having kids to affect the demographics and will all be dead in 10-20 years.
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