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Report: Syrian scientist involved in Iranian missile program assassinated
Daniel Salami
Published: 05.08.18, 08:09
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1. May Assad be close to Asbar soon
Jean Pierre ,   Holon   (08.05.18)
2. Usual statement
Rami ,   Helsinki   (08.05.18)
Alawite fascist stalinist will blame everyone but himself. This guy made weapons that they constantly use against civilians. It was no wonder that the coward needed a bodyguard.
3. Maybe he was victim of self-combustion, happens you know!?
4. Hopefully many of his kind will follow...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.05.18)
5. lets hope Erdogan is next.
steve ,   beersheva   (08.05.18)
6. What a shame!
Jack de Lowe ,   Karkur   (08.05.18)
What a shame!
7. Best that Israel was not involved
Ajay (India) ,   Mumbai   (08.05.18)
Glad the Syrian opposition has taken the credit for the assassination. Best that Israel is not involved in this.
8. Let’s have mass protest in Tel Aviv -party time
TelAviviansToProtest ,   Jerusalem   (08.05.18)
Any reason for a Post Zionist protest/party will do ...
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