40 former Israeli diplomats come out against Nationality Law
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.08.18, 10:54
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1. Something totally scary is being revealed these days: that
the very people we thought were loyal first and foremost to our JEWISH country were/are loyal to Leftist ideology first.
As result, they undermine the very future of our State, as the only place in the world a Jew can feel safe and proudly walk OUR streets!
What a collection of Judaeo-Quislings we have raised& nurtured!
Oy Vey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Arabs steal Middle East, won't pay, beg world for help,whine
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.05.18)
3. Ex-diplomats like ex-generals are appeasing wimps.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.05.18)
The Left in the US and Israel have gone too far left and become obnoxious.
4. Declaration of Indepedence is NOT part of Israeli law.
Jake   (08.05.18)
"Equality comes from our Declaration of Independence, which is the constitutive document of our independence in our land. The declaration, and none other."

As both the Knesset and Supreme Court have decided, the Declaration of Independence IS NOT PART OF ISRAELI LAW.
It is used as an inspirational document for the creation of new laws, and that is reflected in the fact that Israeli Basic Laws guarantee democracy and equality. Why not also a Basic Law anchoring Israel's identity as a JEWISH STATE, as proclaimed by the Declaration of Independence?
What are these ex-diplomats afraid of?
5. Shame on them!
tiki ,   belgium   (08.05.18)
The problem with many Jews is that they always blame themselves first, put the 'needs & victim hood of their enemies before their own and try to fit in with those that try to destroy them.

Strong, proud and nationalistic Jews who put themselves on top of the list is pornographic to them.

6. They are TRAITORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.05.18)
7. To the MFA retirees: Kavod! Thank you.
Quality Control! ,   Israel   (08.05.18)
8. To the anti-democratic TBers: Be Silent!
Pesce Puttanesca ,   Israel   (08.05.18)
We are all getting very tired of your incitement, your hateful, slanderous and anti-democratic paka-paka!
Jabotinsky and the late PM Begin are turning in their graves in disgust with your rhetoric!
9. PM Netanyahu RESIGN NOW!
10. Netanyahu needs 2 admit the error of his Waze (ways)!
11. Past Staff there were Assimilated Israelis
TheBitterLeft ,   Jerusalem   (08.05.18)
Whose hearts were in the West and had little or no connection to Judaism or Jewish Culture mostly Labor Party hacks with lifetime job security
Begin made many mistakes one by not cleaning out the Labor Mapai in almost all government positions and replacing them with
Likud or Traditional Jews They are now bitter but thankfully history good ridence
12. "upholding equality between its components"
C   (08.05.18)
the right of return, accorded to all jews, has never been accorded to minorities.

the right of return is what keeps israel a jewish state, a homeland of the
jewish people.

the jews have only one state that is uniquely theirs, the sovereign jewish
state of israel.
13. This law strengthens the FACT: Israel's regime IS APARTHEID.
ironbutterfly   (08.06.18)
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