The maritime barrier between Israel and the Gaza Strip
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.08.18, 18:50
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1. Israel tech advances helped by defense projects
Thsnks2HamasIran ,   Jerusalem   (08.05.18)
2. "Hamas is losing its capability to attack Israel every day."
A ,   OutThere   (08.05.18)
And every day hamas sends more incendiary kites and inflated condoms to burn Israeli fields and destroy wildlife. Avigdor is becoming as soft as his boss.
3. Arabs steal Middle East, won't pay, beg world for help,whine
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.06.18)
4. But we are going to gift them an airport
Biaz   (08.06.18)
And a sea port to make it easier to import and stock
heavy weapons. We became the fools of the village
5. Reminds of the Bar-Lev Line at the Canal
David Turner   (08.06.18)
marvin strauss ,   berlin   (08.06.18)
nothing learned since bar-lev-line desaster?
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