Deri vetoes municipal efforts to allow businesses to operate on Shabbat
Amir Alon
Published: 05.08.18, 23:50
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1. Our country won’t be less Jewish if we do business on Shabat
Despite repeated declarations of not coercing and trying to submit general population into life of Followers of Imaginary Friend, the so called “religious” are slowly but surely doing just that!
2. Majority of Israelis reject basic Judaism
NoNeed4JewishState ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.18)
Almost a third don’t observe Kashrut “Three basics make us Jews”
Shabbat Kashrut and Hebrew” Golda Meir little difference between most Israelis and non Jews Religious Jews being duped this is a “ Jewish Nation”
Most long to Iive in the West Israel has lost any credibility of a particular culture nation in the Middle East
3. Majority of Israelis secular Abandoned Judaism
NoLongerJews ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.18)
And in doing so forfitted their claim for the need of a Jewish Homeland as they truly are now just Western Colonizers as Judaism was the basis of their culture and civilization and no longer applies as No longer “ Jews” maybe rename country “Republic Of New York on the Mediterranean “
4. Deri schmeri, the "Minister" who's contrary,
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.06.18)
Losing your mind is dreary.
Leave Israel and take a ferry,
To your model-country Syria-stan,
From where you'll continue to Iran,
In which your unrepented criminal past,
Will not set your criminal friends aghast.
Iran is worse than Israel quite a bit,
People shop when they want it in Israel, ya sh*t.
5. Elect Bibi again and this will become commonplace
Vered, Israel   (08.06.18)
The Likud was right 25 years ago. Let's admit it. They saw the Palestinians for what they were. But the left and more importantly, the center gets it now. We don't have to elect Bibi to feel secure. Now we need to transition to good governance. We need a government capable of taking on the Hareidim, the general religious coercion, the housing projects favoring those who don't contribute,while insulting the Druze who do.
6. Separation of State from religion is a must, unless we want
Sharia State, just like our Muslim cousins do.
Whatever "proof/arguments" they bring forth for the propagation of Islamic State, are valid for our Followers of Imaginary Friend& their designs for our future in this Land.
Plain & simple!
We can chose one way or the other, but cannot have both.
7. Why does this low-life thieving ex-con get to decide
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.06.18)
why decent tax paying Israelis can't shop on shabbat. Something is radically wrong with this country. In no other country in the world would an ex-con be allowed back to serve in a government he stole and lied to. Nevermind dictate to a nation about their shopping habits on Saturday. Something needs to happen very very quickly to make good this last month's nightmare, racist and joke of a government. Disgusting! I've lost hope in this country - and like so many others, I'd leave in a heartbeat.
8. Public sees only Anti Deri Shabbat comments
YNETcensorship ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.18)
Many comments supporting Shabbat observance have deliberately been censored by this columnist so much for the media’s screaming freedom of speech you at ynet are fanatic fascist leftists
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