Netanyahu, Elovich allegedly met on Bezeq-Yes merger
Eli Senyor
Published: 07.08.18, 12:20
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1. funny of all those news which have "no legs".......
tomer ,   jerusalem   (08.07.18)
so what they discussed in those meetings which never happened?
Thats the bezeq story . Whats going on in the submarine affair? A relative
lawyer of the PM negotiates on behalf of the government and in same time
represents the israeli agent of the german thyssenkrupp maritime systems and
the PM did not know anything about it ?????And the gift story ,everything fake?
i remember the night-club visit of pm's son in which boasted to his friend(who happened to be the son of the bezeq man) that his father,the PM,
helped his father (the bezeq man) alot ,financially spoken in the bezeq story.
was he dreaming too? A lot of smoke.........
that his father
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