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Trump: Anyone trading with Iran will not trade with US
Published: 07.08.18, 13:15
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1. About time
Gee59 ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.07.18)
I have been advocating for this action since 1979. These are the only sanctions that will work
2. "World Peace" that's what all "Miss Universe" winners want 2
POTUS Trump is a fractured fairy tale!
3. Business is business
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (08.07.18)
In 2011 Ynet reported covert Israel-Iran trading relations. There you go.
The US, under Trump, will doubtless add to its further isolation (except for the toadying support of Netenyahu) as EU and other countries circumvent yet another knee-jerk decision by this self-regarding 'genius'.
4. "They've got to behave like a normal country.....
Roy ,   ct   (08.07.18)
meaning that Iran has to become the puppet of America and do it's bidding, which Iran, a self respecting country will never ever do...
5. get rid of the barbara and george bush ads
toni   (08.07.18)
Seriously. Get rid of the Barbara Bush memorial ads. They are Nazi you know your own history?
6. Trade wars...
Ken   (08.07.18)
With the Trumped up trade wars, who wants anything from America but a new government .
7. There it is laid down straight
Cameron   (08.07.18)
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