From revolution to revolution
Nadav Eyal
Published: 07.08.18, 23:53
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1. I dont believe in that option, I rather think that the
Tehraniporou   (08.08.18)
regume is headed towards implosion. Hooefully ben salman wont initiate a war and the MEK will be flushed in toilets of history.One doesn't need to change ayatollah Khamenei for aya(ollah rajavi. From what I see in iran and what I see in Tehran the regime is also banirupting the bazaaris and shop owners. This indigestion lasted for forty years, it needs to stop now.
2. Delusional "pundits"
Avi L.   (08.08.18)
Short of an insurrection like in Syria, the khomeinists will stay in power.

Even a Syrian type situation is extremely remote because only 10% of iranians are sunnis opposite to the 75% in Syria. So no sectarian based insurrection.

This leaves "popular" insurrection, but with no organized base, no political parties, diffuse infiltration by state security, there's no hope beyond sporadic demonstrations.

The khomeinists will crush any protest from the beginning knowing they have nowhere else to go in case their regime falls.

There can be regional nuisance situations in some areas but the regime won't have any problem in exterminating any real threat.

Khomeinists are there to stay .. they just have to survive until some bleeding heart like Sanders (heaven forbids) takes power after Donald's fall.
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