Gaza rocket hits Be'er Sheva for first time since Protective Edge
Ynet reporters
Published: 09.08.18, 19:10
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1. Please no boots on ground. Only Russian Airforce methods
Alan ,   SA   (08.09.18)
If it was OK in Syria -its OK in Gaza. There is a Syria. Why send our beautiful youth to fight dirty terrorists in Gaza . Also knock on roof and collapse HIGH RISE buildings If occupants dont leave tough on them -collapse building ALL THIS NONSENSE IS SULIMANI ORDERS . Moving Hamas back from border will solve nothing . Hamas and co will launch rockets and balloons from Mac Abduls in in centre of Gaza downtownBTW I heard its more than 150 rockets NOT 60
Robert ,   Israel   (08.09.18)
Israel has good tailors.They say they will start to take "measures", but when it comes to insert the first BIG and definite stitch, they pull back. Just a small stitch at a time. So we are immersed in a war that never ends. Hamas knows it and that is why they keep teasing on us. As long as we do not destroy the heads of the hydra, things will continue being as they are now.
3. Mr.
Roland ,   London.   (08.09.18)
How long ? How long? How long ?..............................................................

...Eternity ?... Life after death is questionable ..IDF should know

what to do by now.No more wounded or dead can be tolerable.No more fields burnt to cinders....."Get on with the Job ! ASAP
4. weekly rocket attacks
Cameron   (08.09.18)
At times you Israelis prove to be truly dumb bastards.

Man up & handle your business in Gaza.

Years of delay and avoidance have led you to this point.
5. Sad to say
befare ,   Sweden   (08.09.18)
that some of the Palestinians, hopefully few, are really really STUPID.
6. Sorry, don't understand - Gaza can launch over 150 rockets
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.09.18)
to Israel and Israel retaliates with bombs all over the southern Gazan district.
And yet, Gaza still has the ability to send more rockets! Either Israel is not targeting the correct areas (the idea is to stop them being able to launch the rockets) - or something else is going on here.

And if Israel (Mossad) can target assassinate a chemical engineer inside Syria then why can't they target assassinate Hamas leaders ? And then the Gazans can live a normal life.
7. US so called peace plan encourages Islamist Hamas & IJ
C   (08.09.18)
president trump has good intentions, but he does not understand the
mentality of jihadists.

they do not want air ports or sea ports or money.
all they want is the destruction of the sole sovereign jewish state of israel.
8. Genocidal Shia terror regime is behind these terror attacks
C   (08.09.18)
this vile, rogue regime uses israel as a shield against us sanctions.
this regime will eventually lose. until then, many people will die,
many of them muslims.
9. Scorched earth starting with the row of houses closest to
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (08.09.18)
sea. Gaza must either stop bothering us or disappear!
10. Hamas Game Plan
Ed ,   USA   (08.09.18)
Hamas has done its best to provoke an Israeli incursion into Gaza. We can onfer that they have additional arms from Iran and undiscovered tunnels. Sadly, it all indicates what Hamas could be doing to help the people of Gaza. As long as the world continues to condemn Israel, Hamas will continue to use all its resources to attack Israel.
11. Pals terrorist idiots.Why so much talk?Smash them+be done
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.09.18)
Israel giving the Hamas idiots a breather all the time with useless meetings and talk. Smash them and be done with it.
12. Mr.
Dale ,   Salina   (08.09.18)
... **THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUSLY OLD**! *Hamas acts all badass and threatening, talks shit, ***UNTIL ISRAEL RESPONDS, (LIKE A STIRRED HORNET'S NEST), IN KIND*** and then THEY TUCK THEIR TAILS, LIKE A PACK OF COWARDLY DOGS, BETWEEN THEIR LEGS, CRY FOUL and immediately WANTS, accepts, a ceasefire agreement*... Israel HAS EVERY RIGHT TO GO IN AND STOMP TF OUT OF THEM!!!
13. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.09.18)
government should supply people with rockets and incendiary drones that would be sent to Gaza. a peoples response to such attacks that burn crops and forests. tit for tat. might end such attacks.
14. netanyahu
james   (08.09.18)
why did netanyahu not become a colonel or general in his idf career. look at his performance in the gaza wars? He has no idea on what to do. he has no staying power, chases ceasefires even before accomplishing any goals. he reacts, he does not preempt.

worse, he is disheartening to the troops who likely have no confidence in him. Jews expect their leaders to handle security problems decisively, not in a drip drip drip fashion. Hamas leadership should have been targeted already.

true Lieberman is hitting more targets but he has become bibi 2. sinwar and haniyeh are not afraid of him. Gaza have to be scared as hell of Israel before they concede.

15. do you really expect bibi to finish hamas
harold   (08.09.18)
bibi already sweating nervously, oh my god what should i do, runs here and there, holds meetings and endless consultations and believes he acts responsibly while Israel is being smashed by Hamas rockets.

when it comes to warfare, he is out of his element. he is a good communicator, a trade minister type, but he gets an F when it comes to security. remember the Shapira report which harshly criticized him. he has no damn idea on what to do.

sadly, Israelis will have to demand that he leave office. in essence he is a pacifist and lacks spine to take on Hamas.
16. holding useless meetings
jerry   (08.09.18)
netanyahu can hold all the meetings he wants with idf and liberman, the problem is he has no idea of what to do, very much like olmert in the hezbollah war. he would prefer to give a speech and that is about it.

sadly, leieberman sits like a log at the table listening to bibi. who on earth wants to hear from him. he doesn't know what he is doing. hamas reads him and they thank their lucky stars that they see israel is led by a coward, 100% fearful coward.

watch him do next to nothing as more rockets fly.

Lieberman,hitting cars and ammo dumps does not impress Hamas. wiping out haniyeh and yaya would have more effect. what the hell are you doing listening to bibi. quit wasting your time with him. consult with Bennett and gallant.

a lot of the rocket fire can be laid at the feet of eisencott whose moral code told him he could not target kids operating kites. but allowing Israelis and their land to be targeted, that seems to be ok,
17. decisive actions
morton   (08.09.18)
since the hezbollah war, israeli andmilitry leaders have been hiding behind civilians.

Lieberman says he will do everything to prevent rocket fire. guess what-you are not stopping rockets with your words. speeches do not stop rockets.

so shut up, starting removing Hamas leaders.

Israelis leaders including livni with her fondness for ereckat should start acting like leaders not like a collection of wimps.
18. Gaza deserves better
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.09.18)
Other than their macho games..WHAT HAS HAMAS ACHIEVED for Gaza now and in the last DECADES

Absolutely NOTHING

This latest round of cynical infantile bravado IMPRESSES no one - LEAST of all the people of GAZA who Hamas have failed MISERABLY

And while the Hamas Elite shield themselves from retribution and MILK GAZA DRY...what WE are left with in Gaza is RUIN and HOPELESSNESS

Wake up Gaza
19. meanwhile, we celebrate murder of pregnant woman & child
Gabi sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.18)
20. Nice shot
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