Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Hamas takes advantage of Israeli wariness of military campaign
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 09.08.18, 13:31
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1. Bibi unlike Sharon won't be able to become Left's darling by
relinquishing more of our Land.
What is this otherwise competent leader waiting for?
We must relieve him of this admittedly heavy burden
(to lead a nation into war) and let somebody with guts (yes, OUR guts&blood) do it instead.
2. brilliant analysis
hit the nail on the head
3. Roi Ben Yishai columns should have normal Facebook app
Roberto Feldmann ,   Santiago, Chile.   (08.09.18)
Why is Ynet playing "Get Smart" with his mainly stating-the-obvious opinion analyses, unplugging the Facebook commenting option and allowing only this kind of talkback, is silly.
4. Dah!!!!!Writing essay from office in TAV
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (08.09.18)
Give us a brake from PREDICTABLE Fake News format??
5. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.09.18)
ongoing wars requires new tactics. send missiles and incendiary drones west. fight fire with fire. might work.
6. direct result of weak leaders
martin   (08.09.18)
eisencott's moral code has led to this-instead of eliminating all kite and balloon throwers and their planners, he desisted. this is what you get for being soft on terror. as for bibi, we know him in the previous Gaza war. he sits before a computer screen like a sponge without a damn clue. he has no appetite for war as fishman describes, none whatsoever. having being shot himself, he seems paralyzed ever since. he talks but cannot deliver in war, ever period.

it is not just him. livni lapid and gabbay are the same.

bibi is not able when it comes to war and security. he should admit it or at least likud should throw him out.

7. netanyahus and credibility
manny   (08.09.18)
i don't believe a word that bibi utters. he is a bs artist covering up his own insecurities which are huge.

i would extend that. i believe muki betzer account of what happened at entebbe. i do not believe a word that netanyahu utters.

mandlebilt should be marching forward with his indictment and the sooner the better.
8. What a disgrace. Retake Gaza forever!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.09.18)
How much more suffering will Israel tolerate as a direct result of our lunatic Gaza retreat? Before the retreat, we had beautiful thriving Jewish communities in Gaza. Now we have Gaza "Palestinian" terrorists bombarding us constantly. Enough of this lunacy. Retake Gaza forever!
9. Ron Ben Yishai - Great reporter. Terrible analyst.
Jake   (08.09.18)
10. mr
steve Gure   (08.09.18)
Shame on Israel
11. Deterrence
Raoul Schur ,   Herzliya   (08.09.18)
It was very clear with the incendiary balloons and kites we had lost deterrence. We should have burnt their fields, at least, to show their silly game is not a one-way affair.
12. Same Conclusion
JOSEPH GOLDBERG ,   gush etzion   (08.09.18)
Apparently the government has come to the same conclusion as did Einstein is his famous definition of lunacy. insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"
13. Black or green in Gaza issue White and Blue colours waiting
In this conflict in black (fanatics from one side) and green (extremistics from the other side the middle people is questioning When and how will end this endless multiple round of rockets from Gaza and aerial bombing from Tel Aviv over the Gaza -Medinat Israel Borders and more .The white colour flag of Peace seems to be absent in the middle of the black fanatics and the green extremistics Both parts including the suicidal green extremistics and the quite lparanoical black fanatics need to realize that probably the best solution is to go to the Security Council in New York and create UNIFIG UNITED NATIONS INTERIM FORCE in Gaza Strip with 5000 or 7000 UN BLUE CAPS to be deployed in the GAZA STRIP ALL THIS OBVIOUSLY .IN THE SIMILAR WAY THAT THE LATEST UNIFIL WITH 10 000NUN BLUE CAPS WAS ENRICHED AND DEPLOYED IN SOUTH LEBANON TO MONITORE THE LEBANON-MEDINAT ISRAEL BORDER WITH AN IMPORTANT SUCCESS .QUITE 12 YEARS OF A MORE AND LESS GENERALLY CALM BORDER WE HOPE MR ANTONIO GUTERRES AND TEL AVIV SECURITY CABINET AND EGYPTIAN AND USA DIPLOMACY WILL READ OUR SUGGESTION AND RECOMENDATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND START TO IMPLEMENT IT .THE PANDORA BOX WAR ISSUES MENACE THE STABILITY OF THE MEDINAT ISRAEL WEST SOUTH BORDER AND THE CIVILIANS OF GAZA NOW NOT TOMORROW OR NEXT YEAR OR NEVER FOREVER .NOW IS THE EXACT TIME
14. Gaza Land for Peace Agreement is Void
George Simmons ,   York   (08.10.18)
Gaza was given for peace, there is no peace so the agreement is void. Tell the Gazan's they have 30 days to leave, then prepare some MOAB's very large bombs they will penetrate the bunkers under Gaza city and collapse the tunnels, taking out the command center, water and electrical grid. Life will become difficult in Gaza, make all captured work to pay for the damages they have caused.

No need to fight a war on two fronts, retake Gaza the land for peace agreement is void. This will provide Israeli citizens living near Gaza with peace, no agreement is worth the paper it is written on. The Land is not to be sold permanently, none of it!
15. #8 Hamas “offering” 5 years calm – Pigs fly
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (08.10.18)
We don’t need to go into Gaza, but if we must, after all we’re at a state war which Hamas started, then not before cutting all “Essential Services” unashamedly of world’s opinion, no country in her right mind will provide “Essential Services” to her enemy that that wishes her total annihilation.

Hamas offering of five-year calm would only give them time to rebuild their military capabilities, as well as additional sufferings and the sacrificial live offerings of Gaza residents by Hamas itself.
For the times being I trust the air force and artillery units can do a good “Pest Control” job, a top priority on the list of Gaza’s “Essential Services” needs.
16. All this could have been stopped quickly
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.10.18)
if the IDF, from the beginning, had vigorously targeted the arsonists and itself set fires in the fields and green areas of Gaza. Because the IDF was too afraid of international opinion, it tried vainly to devise high-tech solutions for low-tech arson. So if the IDF continues to refuse to retaliate with low-tech answers - shooting arsonists on sight and setting Gaza itself on fire - it will indeed end up having to fight a full-scale war to deter Hamas, including 50-100 dead soldiers and destruction of whole areas of the Gaza strip - once again.
17. mr
david david ,   bkln   (08.12.18)
shmeckel PM and DM and impotent IDF
18. 1940s israel negotiates with Nazi germany same thin traitors
19. jake
of course bibi was not at entebbe. i know that. Jake, what military leader tells the enemy they are afraid of the heavy cost of war. shut up about it. nasrollah and sinwar look around and what do they hear-bibi, erdan, hanegbi, shteinitz even some in the idf, telegraph that they do not want war. shut about that. of course Jews are sensitive to casualties.

if you want peace, you have to be strong period and the enemy knows that. few enemies attack Russia because they know Putin will clobber them.

all we get from netanyahu is the goal of quiet for quiet which is a stupid goal.
what do you think nasrollah and sinwar think--israel is weak and lelts keep attacking it.

you do not let hamas burn Israeli land at wlll without decisive response-shoot all the launchers and the leaders. otherwise you sacrifice sovereignty. if that doesn't work, retake philadelphi route etc etc.
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