IDF destroys multi-story building in Gaza City
Ynet reporters
Published: 09.08.18, 18:40
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1. To quote Miri Regev: cut the BS& start acting like grownups!
2. Hamas reconstruction policy
DOV ,   USA   (08.09.18)
Let Israel blow up as much as possible then beg for reconstruction capital from the so called international community which will go to re-arming itself after claiming victory of coarse. How do you stop this vicious cycle?
3. Bravo IDF
Michael ,   seattle   (08.09.18)
There should be no cease fire and no let up. A cease fire means they can fire missiles into Israel whenever they feel like it but Israel cannot respond. That is not a cease fire. We can't do the same stupid thing over and over. We have to destroy Hamas. The entire reason for its existence is to destroy Israel. If they stop attacking Israel they have no reason to exist. That is whey they can never stop. We have to stop them.
4. Multistories are way to go.I sent many posts advocating this
Alan ,   SA   (08.09.18)
I noticed over years that when multistory buildings are dropped/collapsed ,it has a tremendous psychological effect on the criminal terros!!!Do a knock on roof and collapse building after 20 minutes...PLEASE PLEASE dont send our beautiful youth into a terro trap!!Study Russian tactics in Syria. They are military geniuses and keep their troop casualties very low by using air power ONLY .Thank you very much for using Russian methods .The way to do things
5. Israel should destroy much more: all Hamas infrastructure
C   (08.09.18)
israel needs to stop treating hamas as an equal.

hamas is an islamist terror goup that is illegal under the laws of war.

hamas is a terror proxy of the genocidal terror regime of iran.

hamas has built an entire underground city in gaza.
hamas uses civilian structures, such as hospitals, schools,
mosques, as military bases.

the fear of civilian casualties is paralysing the government
and much of the idf. this attitude will lead to many more
casualties on both sides.
6. cultural centre ? ? ?
eddie   (08.09.18)
How dare ynet call it a cultural centre when murder and mayhem is synonymous with their culture. just as a mosque is a CULTURAL CENTRE for terror.

So what is agenda of Ynet in using that ward ??
I suggest the use a good printed dictionary and not Wikipedia oor the internet to get real.
7. Wow: "multi-story"? IDF is going places!Probably made a deal
with local contractor, that was going to pull down that structure anyway, so we did him a favor& made few bucks out of it!
8. What was the point of this strike?
Oleg ,   Milwaukee   (08.09.18)
This is unbelievable:
"Witnesses said the air force fired several warning missile at the building before the actual strikeā€”a tactic that Israel uses to get people to evacuate buildings that are about to be targeted."
And the building was used by
"by Hamas's interior security unit, which is responsible for all security operations carried out inside Gaza and is considered to be an executive branch of Hamas's political leadership."

I hope Israel's leadership understands that acting like this only makes Israel enemies stronger.
9. Yet spreading lies part of reason world hates us-fake news
10. kill terrorist, forget warning shots and empty buildings
11. Hamas will cry ceasefire+be right back attacking.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.09.18)
Israel has to deliver a massive blow for Hamas to stop toying with Israel. Why did Israel stop bombing? To give Netanyahu time to recover his nerves? Get on with the work. You are just giving Hamas time to plot more terrorism.
12. One state solution
kalt ,   pittsburgh   (08.09.18)
I'm for the Andrew Klavan version of the one state solution. Give all the land to Israel, then nobody will be oppressed.
13. Was anyone in it? If not, it is Meaningless.
Jake ,   Dallas   (08.09.18)
If no one was in it, it is meaningless. The security forces are not a building. They are people.
14. uzi dayan advice
karl   (08.09.18)
uzi dayan says idf should launch an operation now.

3 things Israel got wrong in the run-up to this point-

1) it did not target all kite and balloon throwers right from the start(eisencott is partially responsible for this as is bibi who did not overrule him..

2) it did not wipe out hamas leader yaya sinwar.

3) it counts no of buildings and areas hit which is irrlevant

what it should be doing is wiping out Hamas leaders and their homes, eliminate all fuel and communications; and hit every war facility in Gaza even if that totals 5000 targets. don't count them.

the main limitation on israeli effective action is netanyahu. he is 100% coward, afraid of his shoelaces. he would never do what has been advocated by dayan. yaya sinwar is 100x stronger than bibi who shrinks from every confrontation. on security, he is as dumb as livni when it comes to security.
15. Much BLACK SMOKE for a cultural centre.
Alan ,   SA   (08.10.18)
16. We will burn your fields in return....soon
Aziz BouNuman ,   Gaz   (08.10.18)
17. WOW what a hit...great army. This time the invaders loose!
jore ,   la   (08.11.18)
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