It isn’t religionization, it’s secular coercion on the seculars
Rabbi Yossef Yitzhak Aharonov
Published: 09.08.18, 23:37
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1. religion ,,sheez
is this the same rav who recieved 2 million in undeclared stolen salary from the chabad childrens chernobyl charity? a subsidary of tzach,,,,,,seems normal,
2. Judaism is wonderful, self-appointed religious clowns NOT!
3. Judaism does not bother me
Boaz   (08.10.18)
I eat Kosher, make Kiddush and festive dinner every Friday night. After that Shabbat songs and grace after meals followed by a nice movie, popcorn, ice cream and chocolate. Saturday morning, if it rains, I go to Shul. If it is hot and sunny day I go to the beach. In winter I drink coffee in town and back home to my Tscholent , a good nap and make skype calls. In summer I eat fresh salads and cold meals from home at the beach. On Festivals, we celebrate- balancing between good food, Shul and beach. Ask me to recite any Haftorah, I know most from memory, but for Hassidim I am secular.
4. So true!
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.18)
5. which Judaism? the Judaism of M. Kahana & Baruch Goldstein?
Ursula Shmirling ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.18)
6. Jailbird Aharonov just wants money
Steve Benassi ,   Duluth, MN USA   (08.10.18)
7. Seculars refuse to admit they force their culture on nation
WorstOfWesternCultur ,   Jerusalem   (08.10.18)
The religious Jew Hasidic National Religious or just the Traditional Jew is bombarded 24/7 by some of the worst vulgar Western Culture Tv newspapers billboards even many non religious Jews are offended by it
Who is behind this vulgar violent “culture “ being
forced on us ?! They stubbornly refuse to admit they offend st least half the population they seem to be missionaries for vulgar “culture “
8. Religion
Sharon ,   South   (08.10.18)
Please, stop writing half truths. Secular Jews want Judaism when they can choose what they want to observe and not have it stuffed down their throat.
9. There are us humans on a pebble in space
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (08.10.18)
and there is the One who is more. My hope is solely in the One who is more, even when I fall short, not in any of us mere humans.
10. we want the CHOICE and not to be forced by others!
doda   (08.10.18)
just as the orthodox can choose not to eat treif, to fast on kipur and to not use vehicles on shabat.
We don't force them to do anything.
Just as we do not force them to look at people they deem dressed immodestly... Just avert your eyes!!!
11. The same logic and as Mormons converting Jews posthumously.
Reality Check   (08.11.18)
You don't know better than us what is good for us, paticularly given that it is questionable whether your cult is even Jewish (see comment and writings of Rav Shach, Rav Mazuz and many others).
12. Chabad claims that the "Rebbe" is the Mashiah
Stan ,   Israel   (08.12.18)
Just like the Christans
13. What about morality
Stan ,   Israel   (08.12.18)
Whenever a Chabadnik asks me to lay tefillin, I tell them that I'll do it when all religious Jews in Israel keep The Ten Commandments.
14. eliyahu kitov
Stan ,   Israel   (08.13.18)
I am a member of a conservative shul. Some years ago we requested financial assistance from the religious council in our town to repair a torah scroll. The rabbi who is a Chabadnik refused, saying "You are not Jews"
15. Aharonov
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (08.19.18)
The Rabbi is no great user of semantics, verbose, long winded and does not in any way address the cultural chasm between the secular and those of blind faith.
"Jews want Judaism".. the final quote undermines any objectivity that is sadly missing from his diatribe and this individual is supposed to be a font of knowledge and life.
16. Most Israelis tragically reject Judaism
TheDisapearingJew ,   Jerusalem   (08.21.18)
And I mean ANY form of it boding evil for its future
Any excuse for totall non observance of even the basics
Israel was created and sustained in the desert by its
it’s religious faith
While other desert civilizations dissapeared back
Into the desert sands and so will Israel if it continues
To reject its faith it too will dissapear just like them
And all the high tech in the world will not prevent it
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