Report: Ceasefire reached between Israel and Hamas
Elior Levy, Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.08.18, 23:14
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1. Collapse multistory"- Hamas screams "CEASEFIRE
Alan ,   SA   (08.10.18)
"Within a few hours of collapse of the so called "CULTURAL CENTRE" (4 hours more or less),Hamas screamed for a cease fire..This is the only way to stop them. Do you see the large crowds who came to see the ruins? Tremendous psychological effect
Again Palestinians and Hebrews demonstrate their incapacity to establish a sane relationship between them Both parts have a lot of fanatics In one side the extremistics islamics from the military arab wings in gaza that are suicidally tryinig to confront the quite machine war of TZAHAL .AND in the other side the fanatics mesianics that hate strongly the modern israeli democracy and try in general to devaluate it by all kind of means including an unfortunate war that worsens all sides and additionally brings awfull propaganda for the modern Israeli democracy around the west world .PROBABLY THE CREATION OF "UNIFIG " THE "UNITED NATIONS INTERIM FORCES IN GAZA" STRIP WITH 5000 or 7000 UN BLUE CAPS can bring the hope for a REAL AND SOUND CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT IN GAZA STRIP BETWEEN THE EXTREMISTICS ISLAMIICS AND TZAHAL .AS IT WAS THE SUCCESS OF UNIFIL IN THE BORDER BETWEEN LEBANON AND MEDINAT ISRAEL WITH THE DEPLOYMENT OF 10000UN BLUE CAPS between Jizbala AND TZAHAL AND THE SUPPOT OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL IN NEW YORK AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF GOOD FEELINGS AROUND THE WORLD .WITHOUT THE CREATION OF UNIFIG THE CHANCES FOR A REAL CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT ARE IN MY HUMBLE OPINION VERY LOW .I HOPE THE EGIPTIAN DIPLOMACY THE SECURITY CABINET IN TEL AVIV AND UN HEAD MR ANTONIO GUTERRES FROM PORTUGAL COULD READ MY SUGGESTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF NOT THE OPEN WAR IS EACH DAY CLOSER AND CLOSER PROBABLY AND THE PANDORA BOX OPENING WILL TERRIFY NOT ONLY THE CIVILIANS OF GAZA AND THE KIBUTZIM AROUND THE GAZA STRIP BUT ALSO THE WHOLE WORLD PROBABLY // UNFORTUNATELY OF COURSE
3. Hamas still calling the shots
Martin ,   Huntingdon, uk   (08.10.18)
Israel has been called to show restraint and proprtiobate response will be asked for.
The west continues to bow down to Islamic pressure. No other country is open to such scrutiny. Israel needs to control the situation and show the old IDF meaning of attack is the best defence.
Identify Hamas leaders and exterminate them. Israel has no other option than to retake Gaza’s and turn it over to the UN to control.
4. again
mike ,   seattle   (08.10.18)
A cease fire just means that Hamas can shoot more missiles whenever it decides to do so but if Israel responds Israel will be blamed. We have been down this road many many times. How stupid can we be. Hamas wants to destroy Israel and kill Jews. End of story. We should destroy Hamas.
5. Hamas “offering” 5 years calm – Pigs fly
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (08.10.18)
We don’t need to go into Gaza, but if we must, after all we’re at a state war which Hamas started, then not before cutting all “Essential Services” unashamedly of world’s opinion, no country in her right mind will provide “Essential Services” to her enemy that that wishes her total annihilation.

Hamas offering of five-year calm would only give them time to rebuild their military capabilities, as well as additional sufferings and the sacrificial live offerings of Gaza residents by Hamas itself.
For the times being I trust the air force and artillery units can do a good “Pest Control” job, a top priority on the list of Gaza’s “Essential Services” needs.
6. Why?
Shane   (08.10.18)
And if Israel denys that a ceasefire has been reached, why is Hama's opinion seemingly more important than Israel's stance???

Why is Ynet using Al Jazeera as a source?
7. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.10.18)
Israel must retaliate so that Gaza people will, we hope, eventually realize that Israel will level Gaza if need be. some people just like to suffer. a peaceful Gaza could be a better heaven on earth than the one promised upon death by the evil leaders. some people just can't learn. pity.
8. netanyahu in capable of launching war
real   (08.10.18)
netanyahu following his usual practice, replies in kind to Hamas, and then chases ceasefires. he will not unload a war on Gaza. whatever happened to him in the idf or in his youth, he is literally paralyzed in war situations.

he lets Hamas off the hook constantly. he didn't order idf to take out kite and balloon throwers. he didn't call for taking out Hamas leaders. he even stops responses to give ceasefire a chance- anything to avoid a war.

sometimes a war is necessary. otherwise you get a continual drip which is what Gaza has become. fear obviously is something bibi has-terrible fear so he just reacts and does band-aids.

he is hard to take because Hamas takes advantage of bibi's is clear that bibi is not cut from active idf fighter material regardless of his service.

Israel would have lost in 67 and 73 if bibi were the pm. like olmert , he would not let the idf do its thing.and this is quite dangerous. now you know why he and herzog got along so well and even considered a coalition-they are both pacifists.

start electing leaders with some spine for god sake!!!

9. Seriously, someone of Bibi's caliber cannot be trusted with
our security!
He's a brilliant In times of peace, but we need a more all- round type.
Robert ,   Israel   (08.10.18)
Hamas should come out of this last confrontation with Israel, so torn up, but so torn up, that they will never be able to recover again. Right now, Hamas is waiting for the moment they become strong enough again as to be able to overtake the West Bank as soon as Abbas is no more in power, something that will probably happen in a very short time.
Robert ,   Israel   (08.10.18)
Hamas says when to start. They also order us when to finish. Israel obeys.
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