Hamas launches fake app to hack Israeli cell phones
Sagi Cohen
Published: 10.08.18, 15:34
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1. Internet of things?
Avi L.   (08.10.18)
What then with the Internet of All Things, from fridge, to car, to showers, to AC, TV, doors, lights, alarms, blenders, stove, oven, electricity switches ....?

And you won't be able to remove it unless you throw the fridge away? The whole house?

And everything can be remotely controlled? from anywhere?
How much longer will you jerks put up with the dangerous shenanigans and terror of Hamas. Time to take them out and push them into the Mediterranean. Loo no civilized country in Europe would put up with this crap. You got the scientist (maybe you) in Syria, you got the files in Iran... now get the big shot bosses and scum in Gaza. Put out a reward and watch all the greedy palestinian terrorists turn on their bosses for the greenback
3. “militant” is not a synonym for “terrorist”!
shloime ,   toronto   (08.11.18)
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