Netanyahu: We demand 'complete ceasefire' with Gaza
Alexandra Lukash and Inbar Tvizer
Published: 12.08.18, 14:38
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1. All Gaza business is Sulimani orders to take heat off Syria/
Alan ,   SA   (08.12.18)
Lebanon. Israel must not fall for Sulimani tricks!!!Do not send in IDF . Continue Air Force and Navy work.Also make clear NOW to all Gaza Terro Leaders they are on a hit list .... They just want to draw IDF into a thousand booby traps DONT ENTER GAZA . Use Russian Airforce tactics . They are the best way.
2. complete ceasefire requires complete lifting of blockade
Gabi Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (08.12.18)
3. complex excuse
arieh   (08.12.18)
things are complex-no they are not.

burn Israeli land, then target burners, target leadership one by one, and set off incendiaries in Gaza in kind. this Israel does not want to do under its current leadership. and all of this without a major war.

eisencott does not want to kill burners, or set fires in gaza. netanyahu hides behind words as usual. of course he is better than livni who is almost a traitor to the Jewish people. she should go to ramallah and join erekat who she is so fond of.

bibi is not a man of action, he will not confront gaza directly. as his father allegedly said, he is a spokesman, a foreign secretary, not a military figure to lead Israel. hopefully elections will see Bennett replace him. Gaza would now be quieter if bennett was leader. instead we get this bullsh*t from bibi aided big time by shteinitz, a phd weakling.
4. demands
larry   (08.13.18)
do you think hamas cares what bibi demands. they could care less. they know he will not order assassination; they also know he won't invade with ground troops. they know he only delivers small blows or as he calls it blow for blow which does not equate with victory where you have to use huge forces. they know he won't target arsonist kite and balloon throwers.

in fact, they know he is scared stiff of war so he covers it up with demands. he is full of hot air.he has no idea of how to attack, none whatsoever.

and lieberman made a huge mistake subordinating himself as he though bibi was an accomplished commando. he should never have listened to him.

bibi just as in protective edge harms Israeli deterrence.

idf needs to toughen up its training and teach commandos how to bloody well attack. otherwise, throw them out of the idf.
5. quiet for quiet
harv   (08.13.18)
quiet for quiet, blow for blow-this is the mantra of Israeli pm netanyahu. we have had 2 Gaza wars and flareups with the problem remaining unsolved. bibi is a military flop plain and simple. he overstates his actions constantly as they fail to impress the other side. moreover, he chases ceasefires before the enemy does.he is very similar to olmert if memory serves me correctly, he will stop military actions in pursuit of ceasefires,
so when he said he was going to attack Iran, the ayatollahs could not stop laughing.

how many times did he run to Putin to beg him to restrain Hezbollah and Iran. a true soldier does not humiliate himself like this.

netanyahu is a military nerd, incapable of leading Israel to any great military achievement. he would have lost the 73 war in my opinion and not allowed for a Sharon crossing.

simple-shoot the arsonists. no, it is too complex. what an overblown schmuck!!
6. Scary that our foes are watching this pathetic performance..
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.13.18)
What do you think Egyptian, Syrian and Iranian leaders etc. are thinking as they watch Israel capitulate to the Hamas terrorist gang? They can't be very impressed with Israel. They are watching this pathetic performance and that is scary. This appeasement and weakness invites war. Israel so needs a patriotic revolution.
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