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IPBC warns PM: Israel might not be able to host 2019 Eurovision
Moran Azulay, Ran Boker
Published: 12.08.18, 20:50
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1. The non event would be a fantastic thing. Anyhow it’s a
bloated enterprise that only LGBT community gets excited about...
We are better off getting out of it altogether.
2. Make it a corporate sponsorship
Larry butchins ,   Kfar saba   (08.12.18)
12 top israeli companies, 1 million euro each...consider iit a sponsorship of a good cause.
3. Don’t make it into national emergency! It’s a gay’s holiday
which is fine with me, but people forget about it 2 days after ist finished...and then they return to their daily hate of Hewd:-))
4. Please, make it NOT happen! We'll be so much better off
not hosting this travesty of a "musical" event.
Poor Netta, she should be compensated somehow for the pain she may experience, but believe me, except for ABBA & and Mr.Logan nobody made a career out of this dubious parody....
5. Government shots itself in the song line!
Incredibly poor judgment on the part of the government to toss this to the side. It would be EXCELLENT for Israel. (But this government doesn't believe in excellence they believe in wanting to win their petty fights at all costs)
6. Cyprus can have, they deserve it, was also a lovely song.
Yossi   (08.13.18)
7. open the purse, Bibi!
8. missing an unique opportunity
tiki ,   belgium   (08.13.18)
Stop the bickering & pay!
Israel is rich enough!

9. Shame - shame on the 2 of you - Bibi + Kan.
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.13.18)
You've taken this affair and shamed Israel with your petty disagreement
about money. The Eurovision should be in Israel (actually Tel Aviv) - we
won first place.

So many rich people in Israel - why can't you rich people do something positive one time in your lives ? Donate the money for the Eurovision.
10. Government overreach
Right-wing Jew   (08.15.18)
It's a fair argument that it would be government overreach to ask Bibi to finance a private event such as Eurovision, but at the same time,the tourism from Eurovision would support local businesses. Still, ESC is not the government's business nor concern.
11. Waste of taxpayer money
Mortechai   (08.14.18)
I can't see why taxpayers should pay millions of dollars so government employees can enjoy a fancy eurovision party. Let them move it to europe and lets not waste it on Europe
12. This garbage "song" won Eurovision ? HOW??? it's not music.
ironbutterfly   (08.18.18)
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