Israel questions prominent Jewish-American critic at airport
Associated Press
Published: 13.08.18, 23:14
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1. "Prominent" idiot/antisemite not thrown out of our country?!
2. A little excrement a la Corbyn, Roger Waters & Co!
3. don't be fooled
judah ,   jerusalem   (08.14.18)
he's an ignorant swine, don't be fooled by his smarmy appearance or talk
4. What Jewish mother names her kid “Peter” ?!!
PeterRabbitGoHome! ,   Jerusalem   (08.14.18)
One of history’s biggest apostates revered by Anti Semitic Christianity
5. If you give them a state...
kalt ,   pittsburgh   (08.14.18)
They will just use it to launch rockets into Israel, and then Israel will have to strike back, and then the media will say that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians and that they should give them more land. I read this book in kindergarten that explained it all. It was called "If you give a mouse a cookie"
6. If BDS supporters are kicked out so should he.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.13.18)
He should not be given preference because his name is known. That's what the elitist Netanyahu is doing. He is sucking up to someone who appears on CNN.
7. Beinart
Michael ,   seattle   (08.14.18)
Beinart has never met a Palestinian terrorist he did not hold blameless and there has never been an act of terrorism against Israel that he could not justify. In another era he would be called a Kapo. Contrary to popular belief there is no constitutional right to enter Israel. Anyone who continually blames Israel for the acts of those who want to slaughter Jews is a Jew Hater and Israel is totally justified in keeping him out of the country. He is coming only to publicize what he believes is Israeli Oppression of the poor Palestinian victims who have no choice but to shoot thousands of missiles into Israel, hide their weapons in schools and hospitals, dress up their children in suicide vests and build terror tunnels instead of houses.
8. Prominent vicious failure of Jewish spirit
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (08.14.18)
Frequently visitor of CNN when is needed to bash Israel , as "unbiased " political corrupted Jewish person speaking against Israel like Hamas leaders, (seems more part of Muslim Brotherhood) which such conviction as I wounder what he 's doing in Israel!!! Bar-Mitzva is a family celebration and he seemly outpointing himself out from family????Or maybe he might counseling Abbas how to bypass the truth and fool around with Intrenational Law???
9. Beinart article
K ,   Cucamunga, USA   (08.14.18)
This is a big nothing burger here. Mr. Beinart is entitled to his opinions. I don't care what he writes, says or thinks. It's irrelevant. People can decide whether or not to agree with him. Every country sets it's own rules on who to allow entry, who to pull aside and interview, who to detain, or whom not to allow entry to their country. Secondly, If one is public about their opinions, they should be willing to accept that they are now also open to criticism. They also need to accept they may be interviewed or blocked at a point of entry, just like anyone else. This is a two way street Peter, get over it.
10. Democracy is not easy
Erwin Rosen ,   Ramat Gan   (08.14.18)
Are we now saying that we are not interested in entertaining different opinions? I do not agree with most of what he stands; however, I feel that if I want to live in a democracy (are we?), then I have to willing to allow all opinions.
11. Peter Beinart
C   (08.14.18)
beinart is a highly privileged man who grew up in a bubble.
he went to private school during his entire schooling.
he has no human experience whatever.
he has a high iq, but no wisdom or understanding.
12. prominent? why is he considered prominent?
C   (08.14.18)
he writes for the far left haaretz. does that make him prominent?
13. So he's Jewish?! So is Zandberg, Gal-On, Amos Oz, Kissinger:
all of them (and countless others) pure garbage when seen from patriotic, Jewish self-interest angle.
14. He's as prominent as the wart on my ass!
15. Beinart is an US self-hating Jew
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (08.14.18)
he works for Haaretz, a leftist media, owned by the self-hating Stalinist Schocken and by the old-Nazi Family DuMont.

Beinart is prominet with Israels enemies, he is the Darling of every supporter of the Falastinian cause and the PA.
16. Political views to beinart includes supporting terror/antise
17. To all the budding fascists whose opinions we see here
Stan ,   Israel   (08.14.18)
That includes almost all of you except Sharon and Patricia.

There are many people including myself who disagree with the policies of Israel's government. That does not mean we are anti-Israel or that we hate Jews.

During the Vietnam War if the American government had accepted the opinion of the people demonstrating against the war, tens of thousands of American soldiers would not have died, and hundreds of thousands of others would have not have had their lives ruined by returning home in a state of shell shock.Now

In the 30s there were Germans who spoke out against the Nazis and their policies. They were all placed in concentration camps and maybe died there. If enough Germans had had the courage to go against the policies of the country, millions of Jews and tens of millions of others would not have died.

So remember, despite your feeling good with your smug answers, remember that there is a fair possibility that the other side is right.

18. Sharon Stav, FB
C   (08.14.18)
do not assume too much.
most people who post here do know who beinart is. he is a priviliged
american jew who spends his time trashing israel.
he has never done anything positive for israel. he has never fought
for israel, he has never paid taxes in israel, he has never made alya
to israel.
whether he like the pm is irrelevant, especially since the pm does
not have authority over him since beinart is not israeli but american.
by the same token, beitnart's opinions are mostly irrelevant since
he is not an israeli. he has no influence on israeli politics.

you have the pretention to call us "ignorant fools."
you think, wrongly, that democracy consists of allowing different opinions.
no, that is not democracy. democracy consists of a multiparty system,
separation of powers, free elections, free press, an independent
judiciary and free speech.
you claim that different opinions will solve israel's problems, yet you
deny the right to opinions by the right, and call them fascists.
you do not even know that gaza is not occupied and is governed
by hamas. you do not know that the territories of judea and
samaria, usually referred to as the west bank, is a disputed
territory at most.
there is no reason to think that the resolution of the israel-arab
conflict will result in a bi-national state or in an apartheid state.
when you call us fascists, you should look in the mirror.
19. PM Netanyahu, please pay no attention to irrelevant Beinart
C   (08.14.18)
he is a privileged progressive jew who has spent his entire liife
in a bubble.
he is a creature of soros, obama, and all those who were
created by the obama regime.
20. He should live in Gaza.
BBB   (08.14.18)
A famous Jewish Rabbi once said " he who isn't for us is against us."
His palestinian friends would tear him up in shreds and feed him to the dogs
just for having been born Jewish.
21. Never heard of him.
BBB   (08.14.18)
But then, I never watch CNN or do I read the Atlantic.
He must be a prominently unknown nothing.
22. Reality UK arrests journalists on entry using antiterror law
Most Western nations are arresting their own citizens for voicing their opinions from the right, Google, Twitter and fFacebook are targeting Jews Christians Zionists conservatives libertarians while allowing jihadist and left wing fascists to preach murder on a regular basis using their platforms.
The s called liberals in the US have been caught working with foreign spies against a sitting president. And countries allowing jihadist calling to kill Jews and infidels to enter their countries while banning Zionists. UK comes to mind.

Point is as long as you are not violent or call for it, in my experience Israel is the most free nation with freedom of speech without harassment. What nation allows their enemy to have a protest in a major city supporting the enemy, terrorism against their own populous and the destruction of the only Jewish country..
23. C AMEN !!!!
BBB   (08.14.18)
People die for differing opinions that become state sponsored terrorism.
24. Sharon 'unacceptable'
BBB   (08.14.18)
Perhaps before calling names you can use the brain God gave you to reason?
You seem an angry hateful person, education is a marvelous thing it opens ones limited horizons of intolerance you should try it.
The only 'acceptable' use of the word fool, is the following.
" A fool says in their heart there is no God."
RIng a bell?
25. C BRAVO! Give 'em hell!!!
BBB   (08.14.18)
26. C Jews are a religion called Judaism, right?
BBB   (08.14.18)
So many meanings for the word 'Jewish.'
I take it to mean we follow Judaism.
( at least most Jews. the others not so much I call them gentiles.)
27. # 4 The original Peter was a Jew, remember
BBB   (08.14.18)
He was also called 'Simon -Peter.'
He was a fisherman.
28. Wrong to question him at airport
Avi L.   (08.14.18)
Israel is a democratic country, not Lebanon or Syria.

It seems he criticized Bibi's government, so what?

Are we going to treat journalists the way Putin or Erdogan is doing?

So why not question A. Burg too?
29. BEINART IS 100% ***PURE SCUM*** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.15.18)
DEPORT HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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