Palestinians push initiative to remove Israel from UN
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.08.18, 11:06
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1. Thy'd be doing us a favor, really. Useless Jihadist outfit!
2. Palestine was never a countries time has come to fight back
Enough of this nonsense. Israel has the full legal right to expel all Palestinian leader according to SC resolution 242 they were allowed to return on condition of being peaceful. Time to stop this delusion while trump is in power before its too late. Facts show the Palestinians are not a nation nor indigenous as a people. They have mo legal right to a nation and as per UN charter the land is Jewish. The mandate document supports this and gives the Arabs a right to autonomy not statehood. Jordan 80% of mandate Palestine was created as a majority Palestinian state. SC res 242makes no mention of Palestinians their national right ....

Time to stop lying to ourselves and start fighting for our rights.

I support equality for all citizens under the law and spend more time with Arabs/Palestinians than Jews in my daily life. My opinions are based on reality not feelings or friendships, I believe getting rid of the evil Palestinian leaders is more beneficial to Palestinian personal freedoms than Israelis.
3. I couldn't give a fig.
rom ,   israel   (08.14.18)
Why are we still members of the UN anyway? In their eyes we are a pariah nation. There is no advantage whatsoever belonging to an organization from which we will never gain any benefits; only castigation for actions in events that we did not initiate. I see no point in belonging to the UN, let alone pay them enormous dues which is just throwing good money after bad. Down with the UN.
4. Nikki looks worn out don’t you think?
Ken   (08.14.18)
5. Who needs this UN anyway?
Oleg ,   Milwaukee   (08.14.18)
Israel should got out of this useless piece of nothing by itself long time ago. Hopefully this organization collapse one day.
UN just sucking money, no conflict was solved with it's help or intervention.
6. Sherry Israel was born and the Arabs Came for Jewish blood
7. Sherry Palestinians murdering Jews before being Palestinian.
8. Sherry the liar Palestinians refuse to ever negotiate
9. The UN is nothing but an an expensive boondoggle
Jake   (08.14.18)
a failed venture draining the resources of a handful of nations while giving no tangible benefits to humanity.
The site on which it stands could be put to better use if a new museum were opened there.
Trump should see to it.
10. Pals try to provoke Israel but none of it will get a state
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.14.18)
Palestinians would only get a real state through peace negotiations.They don't want that if it means a Jewish state so they are condemned to being forever nothing more than a pain in the butt. Eventually, through wars they will go away.
11. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (08.14.18)
PA must sit up all night to think off ways to delegitimize Israel. should be spending time to improve lot of its people. corrupt leaders; stupid people.
12. Then expell from UN all 57 Muslim members of OIC
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.14.18)
13. This is a declaration of war on the Jewish State israel
Alexander Scheiner ,   ZY, Israel   (08.14.18)
by the PA and its terror organisations PLO, Fatah, Hamas and the Islamic clergy.

They hate us, they aim to destroy Judaism and to eliminate Israel.

I am of the opinion, that they have the tacit agreement of the NIF, JStreet, Breaking the Silence, Btselem and other NGOs supporting the Falastinian cause.
14. UN and gays
Rami ,   Helsinki   (08.14.18)
Are these the same Arabs who kill people for being homosexual. UN is going to talk trash when these Arab clowns wont even allow their women to have abortions.
15. "Israel was born in blood, just like the US "
A ,   OutThere   (08.14.18)
Wrong, Porky, only the US was "born in blood" of the Native Americans slaughtered by your predecessors from Europe and the blood of slaves torn from their families to work the cotton fields and build railroads.
16. Let them
Jake ,   Dallas   (08.14.18)
Let them kick Israel out. The US will leave and the whole corrupt institution
will crash and burn.
17. so Pa with racist laws banning Jews from ownership bring thi
david ,   boston   (08.15.18)
I want to see who votes for it. then we can start a global boycott of those racist countries.
18. So the UN, which did nothing for the 400,000 dead Syrians...
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.15.18)
is going to do something for a bunch of whining Arabs? Please. The world simply doesn't care. The 'Palestinians' have used their 15 minutes of fame to their disadvantage, which only shows how pathetically dumb they are.

Israel will, of course, grow and thrive. The Arabs can either come along for the ride or behave like the perpetual idiots they are and sit and mope for another 70 years.
19. UN Charter has no provision that allows for expulsion
C   (08.14.18)
there is no provision in the un charter that allows for the expulsion
of a country.
the arab palestinians are listening to advice given them by
jew hating westerners.
i had had this discussion many years ago with n.c.
20. # 16 Jake, Dallas
BBB   (08.15.18)
Sounds damned good to me.
21. Do we really need the UN?
BBB   (08.15.18)
I'm no expert but, it seems that the UN has outlived its original mandate.
It isn't bringing peace it's bringing more backward Muslim nations
whose anti semitism proves they are unfit to be there in the first place.
Next question, will any one's lives be better or worse for not having the UN?
I doubt any one but these shyt hole Muslim nations would even notice.
22. The u n
David ,   Haifa   (11.22.18)
It amazes me how people will not conceive that the UN is evil even when Kurt Waldheim, the UN chief was found to be an SS agent, very sad.
23. Israelis must DEMAND end of all support for "Palestinians"
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.22.18)
Israel's conduct towards our mortal "Palestinian" foes is completely insane. "Palestinians" do nothing but harm, and try to destroy Israel, in every humanly possible way. They bomb us, maim us, murder us, boycott us, demonize us, dehumanize us and harm us every other way they can. Israel madly responds by showering "Palestinians" with food, money, electricity, materials, work permits and much more. Israelis must rise up and DEMAND the complete permanent end of all mad Israeli support for "Palestinians".
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