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Palestinians wary as UN may not open schools in time
Published: 15.08.18, 10:55
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1. So they will have to teach their kids to kill Jews from home
2. I guess if they stop buying tunnel building
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.18)
Materials, weapons and spending on hate media they might manage to find the money.But of course putting funds into actually benefiting the people in the west bank or Gaza and not the terror machine is unthinkable.
Robert ,   Israel   (08.15.18)
Palestinians kept biting the hand that fed them until the US, the biggest donor, said "enough was enough" and stopped supporting the UNRWA. Wise decision.
The rest of the donor countries, even being extremely wealthy, don't care to fill the hole left by the US. Here your can see how much they care about Palestinians. They are all blah, blah, but when it comes to put money over the counter, they disappear. Don't whine now Palestinians, DON'T whine.
You deserve the actual situation. You worked for it.
Robert ,   Israel   (08.15.18)
Palestinians have no money for schools, but have enough for tunnels, rockets and for paying their "martyrs". What an incongruity!
5. Yes you can!
Rob McFerson ,   Ny,NY   (08.15.18)
Gaza stop being refugees in perpetuity and start being entrepreneurs. The Europeans are ready and willing to throw a ton of money at you. Dump Hamas, renounce terror as it has so far gotten you nothing but extravagant villas for Hamas and elect someone who actually cares about you more than lining their pockets. Yes, you can be the Singapore of the Mediterranean basin. I dare say you could compete and cooperate with Israeli entrepreneurs especially in technology. The Israelis have the tech and you have the manpower to make that tech. It is a win-win for both sides. Oh, if you do this you will have plenty of water and electricity and not UNRWA people telling you what to do. Take your destiny in hand. Good Luck!
6. This is good thing
BBB   (08.15.18)
perhaps now the teaching of 'mini terrorists to be' will cease?
Al that money paid to fund teaching terrorism?
Thank you President Trump!!
7. UNWRA schools.
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (08.15.18)
The only education that the UNRWA financed schools taught were that the Jews and Israel were the thank goodness they are closed down; long may it last.
8. #1 They do any way.
BBB   (08.15.18)
Maybe they can also teach them to brush their failing teeth?
9. Terrorists are like zebras, their stripes do not change
umi katani ,   fort lauderdale   (08.15.18)
no money...then what do they pay their martyrs with cow shit. they have money for their terrorists.. but not for their kids....
10. No Worries...
Koose E Mack ,   Great Satan   (08.17.18)
There are many Pals who will volunteer to tutor them in their favorite subjects:
Jew Hatred, Anti-Zionism, Bomb Making, Target Practice, etc.
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