Abbas claims Rabin's assassin leaves prison 4 times each week
Elior Levy
Published: 16.08.18, 10:32
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1. who is keeping amir in bamba ?
2. He deserves more than salary& 4days off, but that's another
3. the ridicoulous irrelevant dwarf from Ramallah
who is listening to him, anyway?
4. Abbas - where's the evidence of your lies ??
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.16.18)
5. igal amir 4 times per week ......
tomer ,   jerusalem   (08.16.18)
if abbas statements are true , its a disaster ? we need a clear statement
from Israels Prison services to clarify .
same about alleged 4 individuals paying him.
6. I wish Amir had waited for an opportunity to nab all Oslo-
7. "Rabin's assassin leaves prison 4 times each week"
A ,   OutThere   (08.16.18)
while the three stooges of terror Abbas, Sinwa and Hyena walk free seven days a week and collect fat salaries from the EU and UN, instead of being vaporised by Israeli drones. The old fart should consider himself lucky.
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