African migrants reel as Israeli law cuts into salaries
Associated Press
Published: 16.08.18, 15:46
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1. The Usual Israeli Idiots will wave our flag& postulate it's
a 'violation" of some kind (self invented) of human rights.
Nothing we can do about it,
except hoping for gradual improvement in our gene-pool :-))
2. They have a country- with the changes in the
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (08.16.18)
Political situation in Eritrea they can go home- Eritrea has an embassy in Tel Aviv- cut the bleeding hearts BS and get these people repatriated.
Most are draft dodgers - and the army service has been reduced to 18 month- we are not responsible for every person that sneaks over out borders .
3. A cure
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.16.18)
If they really don't like it here, maybe they will return to Africa.
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