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UN agency says schools for Palestinian refugees to open on time despite US cut
Published: 16.08.18, 16:18
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1. We cannot have them miss out on the explosives class!
2. What a relief! Now they'll have more places to hide weapons
A ,   OutThere   (08.16.18)
besides mosques and hospitals.
3. Defund the UN the rest of the way.
Brad ,   USA   (08.17.18)
And kick their sorry butt, and all their foreign filth out of my country. Now.
4. UN backed schools for pal terrorism
BBB   (08.18.18)
They specialize in anti Israel propaganda, burning kites 101
and burning tires 103.
Not a mention of the Muslim Vs. Muslim wars that is thinning the herds of these little bastards.
Education? No propaganda.
5. I concur !!!
BBB   (08.18.18)
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