Bennett: 'Lieberman's surrender to Hamas will bring war on us all'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.08.18, 09:11
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1. meanwhile the election drums are beating
2. meanwhile the educational system has collapsed!
3. nothing like Bennett shooting inside the cabinet!
4. An Israeli government that can't fight for fear of blood.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.19.18)
5. Bennet is totally right. The South has suffered enough
DT ,   TA   (08.19.18)
through weakness and hot air from Lieberman and government weakness. Those that think Bennet has gone too far should go live in Sederot and on other southern areas.
6. He's just parroting Lieberman from while ago, too funny this
7. Education system. Bennet. Do your job. U paid for this. Not
Eden   (08.19.18)
Criticizing Mr Lieberman. Not defence portfolio.

Yr Mrs Shaked wants to decriminalize Marijuana. Thus is the important issue for u. Making a forbidden dangerous drug to be legal.

I do not like you.
8. leiberman had a choice, but he blew it
ron   (08.19.18)
avigdor started his tenure ok with missile corps, and hitting multiple targets continually in Lebanon and Syria.

his biggest mistake was taking cues from netanyahu in security cabinet meetings. netanyahu does not attack, does not see the battlefield, by his own admission worries about casualties and the terrible price of war and seeks truces to avoid the big war. so Lieberman signed on and now what we get is terror for truck aid, riots at fence, continuing incendiaries.

while it is true that is seems never ending regardless of what Israel does, it still should not accept its land being burned, and fence set ablaze with riots.

extend the no mans land,eliminate Hamas leaders and retake the philadelphi route for starters . that will stop the incendiaries. and if not, shoot every one launching, everyone period and keep doing it.

if all else fails, then get the ground troops ready.take control of Gaza land involved with incendiaries.

yahya sinwar is a tremendous hamas leader. Lieberman is a big mouth who takes bad bad advice from his boss.
9. leibeeran and beitenu
ed   (08.19.18)
the one card that Lieberman had in opposition and before this round with Hamas was security and toughness. he has now lost it. in the next election, beitenu will be cut in half or less in electoral support.

inbar says hamas fears assassination of its leaders and Israel should do it. i can't stop laughing. you think bibi would authorize it. no on your life. he is afraid of his shadow. he is paralyzed when it come to war and would never do it. he doesn't have it and never did.
i call on the idf to toughen up its training period.all recruits should end up tougher with an understanding of the battlefield and how to attack.

waht all this means is that jews are still having a hard time shaking off the submissive stereotype from so many years of subjugation.

you are never going to get peace with hamas who only respects blood and force. and Lieberman does not want to use that. so hamas has the upper hand and Bennett is absolutely right. Lieberman has lost my vote.
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