Israeli equestrian athlete refuses to compete on Yom Kippur
Nadav Zenziper
Published: 19.08.18, 23:47
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1. As a "militant" atheist I fully support this guy's decision.
2. You must feed the horse. As to Kramer, I really don't care.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.20.18)
On Yom Kippur, every man or woman can do whatever pleases. I eat, of course. To me, there is no reason to do what is dictated in the name of an invented something. The show must go on and Kramer deserves disqualification.
3. All Jews to Palestine, build a wall around them, let them
...Jew themselves without Goy money, weapons, support,
4. Dan Kramer is a tzaddik!
Sheikh Yahudi ,   Damascus, Israel   (08.20.18)
Stay strong Mr. Kramer!
5. He is showing fear and respect before The One Who
owns it all, The Holy One of Israel and nobody else matters. Surely He takes care of his own. His reward will be great. Do not lose your resolve.
6. A man with character.
tiki ,   belgium   (08.20.18)
If it's 'allowed' or not is beside the point.

On Yom Kippur one put's one's career aside. It's a question of moral conscience.

Jews 'celebrated' Jom Kippur in the most difficult circumstances. That's what keeps Judaism strong & together and let it survive where others have vanished.
7. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (08.20.18)
"...death your right to say it" ~ " Evelyn Beatrice Hall
.. or do it, as the case may be.

As a secular person that does not practice any of the religious traditions I must congratulate Dan Kramer on standing up for what he believes in.

I do not agree with him, but defend absolutely his right to decided for himself what he believes to be right for him.
8. interesting...
Adler   (08.20.18)
An Israeli living in Belgium showing "self determination"...what would had happened in 1973 if orthodox were in the tzava, eh?
9. whats the big deal about the olympics
zionist forever   (08.20.18)
Yom Kippur is the most holy day of the Jewish callender and he is right to respect it, he may loose his chance of getting an olympic medal but what he is doing is worth all the gold medals in the world because he is standing up for his beliefs and to be honest if he is representing a Jewish state he should show respect for Jewish law.
I hope that as horse riding is not like a race against other countries that the organizers will respect him and try and let him have his trials on a different day to everybody else but if not there are plenty of other tournaments to take part in
10. Soccer team playing on Rosh Hashana
David ,   Dublin   (08.20.18)
Very disapppointed that the Israel International Soccer team is playing a friendly match against Northern Ireland on the second day Rosh Hashona.
11. Y"K
Umish Katani ,   fort lauderedale   (08.20.18)
Good for him... Sandy Koufax did the same thing 50 years a go and it did not hurt the team. The bigger question is why was this event scheduled for Y"K to begin with?
12. Horse racing is tzar l'baalei chayim
Tova Saul   (08.21.18)
Any cursory googling of "horse racing cruelty" will show indisputable statistics of how many horse per year are fatally injured in racing.
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